Am I really playing Sudoku? (Or, how many February Burda Magazines can I sew from in 2 months?)

Just a quick update to unofficially throw my hat into the ring for the Pattern Review Wardrobe Sudoku Challenge!  I don’t know that I will have time to actually complete all the sewing for this competition by the end of March (time is flying!), but I figure that if I have it as a goal for the next 2 months, the worst thing that happens is I get a boost to my wardrobe with a few coordinating pieces, and at best I’ll have a million mix-n-match looks (well, ok, maybe like 14 if you do 4 across, 4 down, 2 diagonal, and 4 quadrants) if I complete the challenge.  I’ve been toying around with my styles the past few weeks, but here is what I’m going to call my Sudoku Silhouette Inspiration board:

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 12.12.51 AM.png

First Row: Burda 6630, BS-12-2015-115A, black heels (freebie item), trench coat (BS-09-2006-103, if it gets completed, as a freebie item)

Second Row: Hobo bag (freebie item), black flats (freebie item), BWOF-10-2010-124A, Simplicity 3536

Third Row: BS-02-2017-104C, BWOF-02-2008-119A, BS-07-2011-119, booties (freebie item)

Fourth Row: Nude heels (freebie item), BS-02-2013-106, BS-06-2013-101A, BS-02-2014-129B

I’ve had a few variations on this layout, but, in general, the items to be sewn have been pretty consistent.  It’s the two non-sewing accessories that I keep playing with, and that may change as the next few months proceed.  Also, the colors I’ll be working with are NOT the ones on this board.  As anyone who knows me may have guessed, I’ll be using teal and black as my main colors, with other neutrals scattered throughout to add a little variety.  I’ve bought a few fabrics that were perfect for some of these pieces (which I hadn’t planned to make until starting the planning for this), and others that have yet to be pulled from the stash.  Honestly, I could probably make most of this from stash, I had an idea of what I want everything to look like, so when I found perfect fabric online for a few of these pieces, I had to order some.

I feel like this will also help me on my goal of creating a more versatile and sophisticated wardrobe, though a lot of these pieces could mix with my jeans and graphic t-shirts as well, which makes this contest even more appealing.  Seems like a win, even if I don’t manage to finish everything in time for the contest end date.

Well, I’m off to start this madness, wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Am I really playing Sudoku? (Or, how many February Burda Magazines can I sew from in 2 months?)

  1. Don’t forget the middle 4! 🙂

    I’m digging your plans. Really love the pants from this year’s Feb Burda and jacket / cardigan from 2013.

    Good luck!!!


  2. Looks like a fun challenge and your plan looks great, I will just follow along as I find even sticking to a mini wardrobe plan impossible.


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