Playing on Polyvore (Wardrobe Building Post #3)

So I’ve been rolling along with the wardrobe architect series, and I’ve managed to start playing with the silhouettes I like.  The WA post recommends using Polyvore. I was loathe to start yet another social media account, but, after staying awake until 5:30 am playing with the non-account sample tool, I sort of realized that argument wasn’t going to hold up.  I mean, it is sort of fun, but on top of that, it’s also really useful to see what sorts of colors, textures, and shapes work well together.  Granted, it’s another step to see if it will all look good on me, but this is a process, so I’ll be happy with what I’ve got so far.

Following the WA series, in Week 4 you get to start visualizing shapes you like as part of a more complete wardrobe.  Which I did using the options I found on Polyvore.  The suggestion was 5 looks for fall/winter and 5 for spring/summer.  I have a few extra, but I stuck pretty close. Here’s what I came up with so far:

Look 1: This is pretty much me in an image.  Granted, I don’t typically wear heels, but, if I had these clothes I would wear them pretty much everyday.  We are talking, like, to the point of being hygienically unacceptable. 
Look 2: This is a pretty close second to the other look for what I like to wear in fall and winter.  Definitely a fan of the moto jacket with skinny jeans.
Look 3: Classier “work” look.  Ok, so this isn’t really something I’d have occasion to wear all the time, but this is the sort of simple, classic business look I’d totally wear.
Look 4: This is actually pretty close of my favorite way to wear a dress in winter.
Look 5: I actually have black pants like this, and they are pretty much the best things in the world.  Wish I had an awesome trench to go with them.
Look 6: I like the idea of a pencil skirt with a sweater.  Not really something I’d wear to work, but if I had an office job, I’d totally wear this.
Look 7: Ah, summer looks!  I’d love a nice denim jacket to wear over a maxi dress.  I think the jean jacket is going to move higher on my sewing list.
Look 8: More pencil skirts, but this time with a spring/summer flare.  I’m not sure that these are all colors I’d use together, but this exercise was about silhouette, so ignore the colors for now.
Look 9: If this first look is how I’d dress all fall, then this is how I’d dress all spring and summer.  This is pretty much what I want in my closet.  Like, all of it.
Look 10: I love the idea of a casual bomber jacket look for spring next year.
Look 11: This was sort of a bonus look I threw in.  Sort of an overflow image, but, basically, now that I’ve made shorts for the Sewing Bee, I’m sort of into the idea of shorts.  Similarly, I’m sort of into the idea of a jumpsuit as a replacement for an evening gown for semi-fancy events.

So, those were all images I’d created before I joined Polyvore.  I was nearly convinced I should join, but then I had a thought.  What if I could add actual sewing garments to these composites?  How cool would that be?  After a quick google search and realizing you could use the web clipper to harvest your own images, I realized that Burda would be the perfect place to start collecting images of clothes I’d want to wear.  That was the kicker, so I’ve signed up for the site.  Although I worry for my productivity level, I also have to say I’m pretty excited about the prospects of saving images from the Burda site to Polyvore:

Anybody recognize the jacket or the dress?  The dress is 06-2015-123, and the jacket is 05-2011-113.  The accessories were found on the Polyvore site.

So, anyway, Polyvore’s been pretty distracting, so I haven’t made much progress beyond the silhouette identification in Week 4.  Looks like next step is playing with colors, and then considering fabrics and a few other things before this starts considering a capsule wardrobe.  At which point (I’m hoping) to cross-reference the epic spreadsheet I started at the beginning of this whole process, make the assessment of what I have, what I need, and what I actually want to sew from all of this.  But first, colors!

In other news, I did not finish my coat for the contest.  I am still going to work on it; I would like to have it done by Thanksgiving, but if I keep having insane work weeks who knows how that will pan out.  I decided to enjoy the process though, and not rush it for the sake a the sewing contest, because I’d rather have a great coat than a finished coat.  Progress updates to come…I hope.

6 thoughts on “Playing on Polyvore (Wardrobe Building Post #3)

  1. Honestly I would be very happy if this was the total contents of my wardrobe too, would it be really terrible if I just used all your hard work & ideas!?! I can totally see how Polypore could get addictive, but it does look like a useful tool and it’s great if you can add in Burda pictures too. Also I was thinking all those outfit collages look like they could be matched to sewing patterns fairly easily. Anyway, really enjoying following along and you are so right that it is not worth rushing your coat, even though I can’t wait to see the finished article!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Feel free to be inspired as much as you want! It would actually be kind of nice to know that I’m not just going through this exercise to plan a bunch of sewing I won’t get to for a few months. If it helps other people out, great!


  2. Your wardrobe plan is fantastic. I would also have all of them in my wardrobe, too. It reminds me that I should probably do the same thing as I am so easily influenced by new sewing patterns and yet so slow on sewing. I found it is so hard for me to stick to what I planned.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also find it hard to stick to what I plan, but I’m thinking if I’ve got a really nice list of basics, I can pepper in fun projects and have something to actually wear them with. Plus, motivation to get rid of a lot of clothes that I don’t use anymore. At least, in theory that’s how this should work.


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