Fall 2016 McCall’s Patterns

The latest patterns from McCall’s are here, and I have to say they look pretty good!  There are a few new patterns that I definitely need to add to the stash, and a few more that I’m seriously contemplating.  Let’s take a look:

M7464 – Nice dress for fall – would have been cool if the pockets were hidden in the curved seam, but it’s nice how the print-matching will disguise them.

M7465 – A pretty basic knit dress, but it looks like it would be super quick to sew and easy to wear.

M7466 – Loves the design options from all the seaming on this dress.  Might take a while to sew, but it would be cute in a fall wardrobe.

M7467 – Swoon!  Love this!  Like, a lot!  I want ALL of these variations in my closet. I could easily wear the tops to work or out to a nice dinner, and the dress from view C is hot!  I can’t wait to get my hands on this pattern.

M7468 – Nicole Miller tunic/dress.  I’m actually sort of interested in this one, even though it isn’t something I’d typically want to wear.

M7469 – Nicole Miller dress.  Another clever use of the seams to hide the pockets.

M7470 – Palmer/Pletsch.  A fairly standard shirt dress, though I’m actually contemplating this for the button down shirt pattern.

M7471 – Love the look of these tops in the drawings, not as sold on the model photo.

M7472 – Extra long button front blouses.

M7473 – I feel like if Daenerys were living in modern times, this is what she would wear.

M7474 – Nancy Zieman.  A bit voluminous for my taste, but I do like the draped cowl.

M7475 – Some fairly basic skirts; I do like the shape of the culottes though.

M7476 – Learn to Sew for Fun vest/coat pattern.  This is pretty cute, and nice that it is meant for newer sewers.

M7477 – Wouldn’t be fall if we didn’t have at least one cape or poncho pattern.  Though the hooded cape could make a pretty sweet rain slicker.

M7478 – Archive collection.  I’m in love!

M7479 – A nice basic coat my Melissa Watson.

M7480 – Another basic coat, but with some impressively large lapels.

M7481 – Pretty boxy vest/jacket pattern.  Pass.

M7482 – I love the diagonal zip jacket!  I want one so bad!

M7383 – I’m sort of digging these Nicole Miller pants.

M7484 – Khaliah Ali Easy pattern.  The waterfall front is definitely a big BMV trend this year.

M7485 – Another Khaliah Ali pattern.  The more I look at this, the more it grows on me.  I’m thinking there could be some interesting opportunities to color block with this pattern as well.

M7486 – Oooh, a guy’s raglan t-shirt pattern!  I might actually have use for this; I’m thinking it could be a good base to modify into skating patterns.

M7493 – Lizzy Bennet will never go out of style.  Especially if she also happens to be slaying zombies.

M7487 – I’d actually probably use this if I made one.  Could be great for gifts too.

M7488 – I feel like its been a long time since I’ve seen a Barbie sized doll pattern.

M7495 – Because I always have to show off the ridiculous dog costumes.

And there we have it!  On the whole, I have to say that of the major envelope pattern releases this fall, this has probably been my favorite.  There are certainly a few must-buys for me; that Archive Collection coat is one, and the ruched knit dress is another.  I feel like there is also a nice variety of styles in this release, with a little something for everyone.  What do you all think?  Is there anything here that you are dying to sew?  Or will you be finding fall wardrobe inspiration elsewhere?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Fall 2016 McCall’s Patterns

  1. I really liked this release. I have a few on the way to me – the Learn to Sew cardigan, the Nicole Miller with the cool hidden pockets and the first one with the shaped side panels. I really like that cold-shoulder top more than I expected I would! I keep looking back at it and have added it to my wishlist. 7471; I tried a Vogue that had a similar neckline and it did not work for me. I want to like this one but….


  2. Me too, I like this release a lot. I ordered the 7466. And 7469, I was in love with this one , the 7465, I was a little disappointed that the pockets are not in the seams but the dress is nice so I have it on my wishlist together with 7470 Palmer/Pletsch . That coat from the archive collection is really nice !


  3. I always want to make the daft dog costumes but my family refuse to let even the pattern in the house. I’m allowed to make our whippet coats for warmth only…

    I love the vintage coat, may even consider it as I do need a new coat. I like the smaller collar.

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  4. Thanks for keeping up with the release reviews. I always enjoy reading them but never comment. I want to comment more to encourage my favourite bloggers to keep it up ’cause I definitely appreciate the posts – especially your Burda ones since I let my sub lapse after a dreadful 2015. Now I’m sad because 2016 had been so good – sigh.

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