New Spring Kwik Sew Patterns

The latest collection of Kwik Sew is here.  I’ve been a bit down about the recent Kwik Sew patterns, but, I have to say that, on the whole, this release isn’t too bad.  Nothing amazing (Kwik Sew is aimed at newer sewers, so that is to be expected), but certainly a few cute designs, including a good athletic-wear pattern, which is a nice throwback to all the great dance and skating patterns that Kwik Sew used to have.

K4154 – Cute spring dress; the tied waist is an interesting design detail.  I like the neckline too.

K4155 – Classic button front dress.  I can see this one being popular, and the princess seams should make it fairly easy to fit.

K4156 – This dress pattern misses the mark for me, but of the three styles it does look like it would be the easiest to sew.

K4160 – Love this top!  Definitely need to add this to my stash.

K4157 – Simple silhouette, but the color blocking is very effective.

K4158 – Not really loving this pattern.  My brain wants to like the color blocking, but something about the flare of the hem is not personally appealing.

K4159 – The scoop neck looks really low, and I’m not really a fan of the puffy back.

K4161 – It’s a skort!  Actually, I think the regular skirt is pretty cute.

K4162 – Simple jacket, but I think the contrast neckline and cuffs are an effective touch.  Love the fabric choices for both example photos.

K4163 – YAY!  I don’t need another leggings pattern BUT I do like how high the waist is on these (my store-bought leggings keep falling down… sigh).  Also really like the shirt design.  This will be added to my stash for sure.

There were also a mix of kids patterns (yawn), but the crafts were too good to pass up:

K4166 (top) – Sandal bag.  Somehow I always felt like anything going to the beach was going to get sandy anyway, so having an extra tote just for sandals feels a bit redundant, but perhaps it is just me.

K0216 (middle left) – Ellie Mae fruit bags.  Sort of cute?  Could be a fun gift for kids.

K0217 (middle right) – Weight loss placemats.  I don’t know about you, but I’d have a hard time eating my protein with that staring back at me.  Well, unless my protein was bacon.

K4165 – Kwik Sew bringin’ the fanny pack back.  Perhaps the style will make a comback thanks to a certain Project Runway designer…

K0219 (bottom right) – Ellie Mae organization patterns.  The hanging wall organizer could be useful.  I’m not as sold on the other patterns in this set.

And that’s it!  On the whole I think this is a pretty successful release for Kwik Sew.  I’m actually excited by a few of these patterns, and while I don’t think I need to add the others to my stash, I think they are rather nice additions to the Kwik Sew line.  What do you all think?  Is Kwik Sew making a rebound?  Or are these styles too simple to be interesting?  Anyone else happy that they are making new exercise patterns again?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


One thought on “New Spring Kwik Sew Patterns

  1. I puzzled over the thong case thing too – just odd. The rest of the patterns are only OK, I’m not inspired or dismayed by them.

    Overall I think KwikSew are slowly moving away from frumpy and dowdy.


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