Skating Accomplishments 2015

I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to post this, but, I decided it should be done for posterity’s sake.  Even more than last year, this has been an up and down season for my skating.  It has been highs, lows, and even lower lows.


  • Passed my Gold Medal American Team Dance Test.  This was on the top of my skating goals list, so I can happily say I’ve checked it off.
  • Retook, but did not pass, my America Solo Dance Test.  There were a lot of errors.  It was depressing and frustrating, but the fail was not surprising.
  • Qualified to nationals in Junior Solo Dance and Junior Figures.
  • Judged at the National Championships.
  • Withdrew from Nationals due to a back injury.
  • Still working on fixing said back injury with physical therapy, but not having a lot of luck where the skating is concerned.

So, basically, I’m sort of at a standstill with my skating right now.  I don’t know when, or if, I will actually be able to train again.  Physical therapy has been helping, but when I skate it seems to re-injure my back.  So, basically, I don’t know what I’ll be doing with it in the coming year.  I will still be judging, but whether or not I’ll actually be skating remains to be seen.

Happily, I may have inadvertently joined a lightsaber fencing club, so between that and leg presses at PT, my legs shouldn’t be completely lost to atrophy during my time off.

3 thoughts on “Skating Accomplishments 2015

  1. i am so sorry to hear about your back. i hurt mine badly a few years back and it was rough. PT was awful (I had a hairline fracture in my vertebrae ) and getting back to dancing full out took a long time. my core atrophied so PT was really bad. I had to restrengthen everything to get back into any sort of fighting form. It was mentally hard. It will get better, it just takes time!


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