Burda Plus Fall/Winter 2015

The Fall/Winter Burda Plus has been posted to the Russian Burda website.  This issue, as with most of the Burda Plus magazines, contains a fair number of reprints from the regular editions.  Fortunately, I think Burda picked some of the best patterns from recent issues, so overall this magazine is a pretty solid collection of looks.  Having subscribed to the main BurdaStyle Magazine for the past few years, I already have a lot of these patterns in my collection, however, there are several new patterns that may just make splurging on this issue worth it for me.


As this is the Fall/Winter edition, there are some really fabulous new coats and jackets along with a few other patterns I can’t recall having seen in previous issues:

330_495 (21) 330_495 (22) download (11)

Love this coat!  It is absolutely gorgeous.  The oversized collar seems to be a strong trend this year, but it is nice to see it in the Burda Plus sizes.

330_495 (1) 330_495 BP1584_430M_A_v

330_495 (49) 330_495 (50) download (25)

330_495 (39) 330_495 (40) BP1584_401M_A_v

330_495 (45) 330_495 (46) BP1584_401M_A_v

330_495 (17) 330_495 (18) BP1584_429M_v

330_495 (19) 330_495 (20) download (10)

330_495 (47) 330_495 (48) BP1584_415M_v

330_495 (51) 330_495 (52) BP1584_412M_v

330_495 (11) 330_495 (12) BP1584_413M_v

330_495 (55) 330_495 (56) download (28)

330_495 (57) download (29)

I feel like I’ve seen this pattern in the Burda magazines before, but I can’t seem to find a reference image.  Either way, I think this is a lovely silhouette and I like the pockets.

There are several magazine reprint patterns, along with new variations created for this issue of Burda Plus.  First, from the August 2013 Burda:

330_495 (60) 330_495 (61) download (32)

330_495 (62) 330_495 (63) BP1584_416M_v

330_495 (7) 330_495 (8) download (4)

330_495 (43) 330_495 (44) download (22)

330_495 (68)330_495 (69)BP1584_405M_v

330_495 (3)330_495 (4)download (2)

330_495 (41)330_495 (42)BP1584_404M_v

330_495 (66)330_495 (67)download (35)

330_495 (64)330_495 (65)BP1584_431M_v

From the November 2013 issue there are a lot of cute dresses, plus some new variations:

330_495 (35) 330_495 (36) download (18)

330_495 (37) 330_495 (38) download (19)

330_495 (33) 330_495 (34) download (17)

330_495 (31) 330_495 (32) BP1584_407M_v

330_495 (53) 330_495 (54) download (27)

Love this color blocked version of this basic knit dress.  I think its sort of hilarious that the garment photo is of the back.

330_495 (9) 330_495 (10) BP1584_408M_v

Also love this new sweater-length version of the pattern.  The collar look so cozy.

330_495 (58) BP1584_408M_v 

I’m glad Burda picked these patterns from the March 2014 issue – they are still fantastic patterns:

330_495 (23) 330_495 (24) BP1584_422M_v

330_495 (13) 330_495 (14) download (7)

330_495 (59) BP1584_421M_v

330_495 (25) 330_495 (26) BP1584_424M_v

330_495 (15) 330_495 (16) download (8)

I also really love this longer variation of the pattern.

330_495 (27) 330_495 (28) BP1584_427M_v

330_495 (29) 330_495 (30) BP1584_426M_v

330_495 (5) 330_495 (6) download (3)

So, on the whole, the majority of the patterns in this issue are variations on previously published patterns.  However, I think a lot of the newer versions have me reconsidering patterns that I had ignored initially.  Not to mention that the cover coat is a total winner.  So, if you already have all of the other issues this might not be an essential magazine, but if you only buy the occasional issue this might be a good one to add to your collection.  What do you all think?  Is this a worthy issue to add to your Burda collection?  Or are you bored with all the reprints?  Fell free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Burda Plus Fall/Winter 2015

    1. I order Burda from GLP news (https://www.glpnews.com/EN/Crafts/ListCatSewing1.html) – they have all the versions (BurdaStyle, Burda Plus, Burda Easy, Vintage Burda/Burda Classics, etc.) in several languages. I actually order my magazines in English, but I like to use the Russian website the best because they are usually the first to post announcements and they have a nice catalog of old magazines. I’ve been using that website for about 4 years – I found out about it from another sewing blog. The German site also tends to post some thing early as well. The English site is not at all current with the international magazines. Anyway, if you want to find the magazine in Russian, you can order that language from GLP, or you can often find older issues in Russian on eBay.

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