Fall 2015 Kwik Sew Patterns

As long-time readers know, Kwik Sew used to be one of my favorite pattern companies.  The large collection of athletic and dance patterns, along with the thicker pattern paper and easy instructions made them an all-around win.  However, the types of patterns since the BMV takeover haven’t been quite as exciting as the company used to produce.  The latest batch of patterns aren’t very exciting, but there are a few patterns with simple silhouettes that could be quite nice in a wardrobe (and easy to adjust for fit).  Then again, there are some crazy looking designs too.  Let’s take a gander…

K4141 K4141

K4141 – Actually a pretty cute jacket!  I like the hood options, and the in-seam pockets.  The model styling sells it for me.

K4140 K4140

K4140 – Basic jacket, with simple dart shaping.  Not bad, but not stash-worthy.

K4132 K4132

K4132 – I actually like the neckline of this dress, and the seaming should make it fairly easy to fit.

K4135 K4135

K4135 – Pretty cute top, but very similar to patterns we’ve seen in the other BMV releases.

K4139 K4139

K4139 – Another basic jacket.

K4137 K4137

K4137 – Kwik Sew Learn to Sew pattern.  Very basic skirt, but a cute shape.  Should be a good sort of learn to sew project.

K4143 (1) K4143

K4143 – Top/pants combo.  The sweater top isn’t bad, but I’ve already got a few similar patterns in my stash.

K4146 K4146

K4146 – Knit tops.

K4138 K4138

K4138 – Overalls are not really my thing.  Burda tries to convince me they are fashionable on a regular basis, but I’m not really buying it.  I suppose if you needed an overalls pattern though, this wouldn’t be the worst option.

K4136 K4136

K4136 – Swirly knit top.  I think it looks better in theory than in practice.

K4134 K4134

K4134 – Ugh.

K4133 K4133

K4133 – Yeeeeeeeeeee-hawwwwwwwwwww!  Actually, I shouldn’t laugh – I’ve rhinestoned a similar shirt for someone who does competitive reining.

So… yeah.  I’m sort of digging that first coat jacket thing, and a few of the other patterns aren’t bad, but overall a bit dull.  Feel free to yawn with me in the comments!  (Or laugh, or disagree, or whatever.)

3 thoughts on “Fall 2015 Kwik Sew Patterns

  1. The last pattern you featured is one I will most likely pick up. It is a subtle nod to western wear and not OTT. I like it for those times I need a long sleeved shirt on the trail. Yee haw indeed!


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