Magazine Review: September Burda 2015

The full preview of the September Burda is posted on the Russian website, and I have to say that I think this is the best issue so far this year!  Granted, I’m typically partial to the fall and winter issues, and after my dirndl commissions last year I’m also unreasonably delighted when we get a fun selection of them in the magazine.  And – you guys – this year the dirndls are, dare I say, really cute!  They strike a nice balance between being traditional and modern, without being too over the top or gimmicky.  Add in the other designs from this issue and I have to admit I’m actually really excited for this one to arrive in the mail.  It makes me happy that I renewed my subscription.


                                                      bigbig (1)

Since September is the dirndl issue I figure we might as well get it out of the way and start with those.  I must admit I’m rather fond of the first dirndl design – it’s definitely something I’d make for myself should I ever need a dirndl.  The other designs aren’t too bad either, and the kids outfits are rather adorable.

     big (32) big (36)

     big (33) big (34)

     big (35)  big (45)

     big (46)  big (47)

     big (49)  big (48)

     big (51)  big (50)

Fun Oktoberfest costumes aside, the real stand-outs in this issue of the magazine are the coats:

     big (21)  big (12)

     big (6)  big (20)

     big (4)  big (31)

     big (10)

That first long coat is gorgeous and the peacoat is divine!  Those are both on my must-make list.  The last jacket also looks like a great style – love the high collar for windy days and all of the seaming and style lines.

Next up a look at the dresses; a rather interesting assortment this month.  I’m sort of digging the deep cowl dresses, despite the fact that they have a slightly groovy feel to them.  The styles with the side gathers are rather nice – I like how the fabric choice can either elevate it to a party dress or keep it appropriate for the day-to-day.  A few of the variations on the basic A-line are rather nice, though some are a bit snooze-worthy.  The only design I’m really scratching my head over is the little house on the prairie maxi dress, as it feels a few centuries out of date.

     big (17)  big (18)

    big (11)   big (24)

    big (2)   big (3)

    big (13)    big (22)

    big (14)    big (23)

    big (15)    big (25)

    big (28)    big (26)

There are also a few interesting separates this month:

     big (5)   big (19)

     big (7)   big (30)

     big (8)   big (9)

     big (16)   big (27)

     big (29)

The Burda Plus section is also quite nice this month – much better than the selections from last month.  The fabrication looks a bit drab, but the styles are nice classic designs.

     big (37)   big (39)

    big (40)    big (44)

   big (43)     big (42)

   big (41)     big (38)

And that’s about it!  Although the dirndl selection this month was quite fabulous, I’m going to have to give the Best of BS for September 2015 to:

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.38.45 PM
                                            Elegant long coat!

Love this design.  So classic and elegant – and the collar is a truly fantastic statement.  The shorter version is pretty great and probably slightly more versatile as well.

As far as the BWTF Award for the month, it was a bit difficult to decide, as there really aren’t any totally wacky designs, even among the dirndl selections.  In the end I decided to give it to:

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.40.50 PM
                                                 Pepto Bismal Coat! 

Honestly, this coat design really isn’t that bad.  The voluminous shape really isn’t my personal aesthetic, but the design itself isn’t in any way visually offensive.  It’s just a bit boring.  And if that’s the worst I can say about any design in this magazine, well, then it’s probably a pretty decent issue.  Actually, I think this is probably the best issue so far this year.  I’m hoping that this upswing continues through the next three months, because I would love a fantastic October, November, and December.  Here’s hoping.

What do you all think?  See any great designs that you are super excited abut this month?  Or is it too little too late with Burda this year?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Magazine Review: September Burda 2015

  1. I wondered where your critique of the (wonderful!) Sept Burda was!

    I am just smitten with this issue. I’m sure over the course of fall/winter I will make several things from this issue. I *NEED* something between the length of the long coat and the peacoat. I have a luscious black wool in stash.

    So I WILL HAVE(!) the coat, the jacket with high collar, the cowl tunic/dress, the sheath with sleeve splits, maybe the A-line with giant collar, and the sleeveless version with the double (detachable?) collar.

    I also loved the plus section and the dirndls!


  2. I’m glad I found your new site! I want to buy this for the pea coat pattern, even if I won’t have the skills to make it for a while.


    1. Definitely! And don’t be afraid to push yourself. I made a coat long before I ever made a basic skirt. I always found more challenging projects to be more motivating. Do a bit of research, but don’t be afraid to push your limits!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I have to echo. I made a coat before I made a lined dress because “OMG THAT’S GOING TO BE SO HARD”! 🙂

      Just try it. And IMO Burda tends to have a pretty reliable fit (a little long if you’re a shortie) so that might make it easier. Another option is start with a coat that it’s very fitted so you can just focus on the sewing.


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