New Butterick Patterns – Fall 2015

The latest collection from Butterick can be seen here.  Overall I have to say I’m a bit mixed on my feelings about this collection.  I’m intrigued by a few of the Vintage/Retro/Reprint patterns, and I’m liking a lot of the dress patterns in this collection, but most of the blouse and sweater designs aren’t overly exciting.

                       B6240  B6240

B6240 – ABCD Cup Sizes.  Ok, this is one of the few definitely making my wishlist!

                       B6241  B6241

B6241 – I’m willing to admit this dress looks pretty cozy.  And I think it would look really cute paired with leggings or tights and boots.  Not sure how it will look over my hips, but, maybe I’m willing to give it a try?

                       B6243  B6243

B6243 – Not sure how I feel about the odd backwards jacket (would I put out my back trying to get it on?)  I do love the style of the dress though – simple, flattering, and it would look great layered under a blazer.

B6244 (1)  B6244

B6244 (2)

B6244 – Lisette.  It’s odd, because I don’t think I would but the patterns for either the coat or the dress separately (as I already have similar patterns to each), but for some reason pairing them together has me considering adding this pattern to my collection.

B6260  B6260

B6260 – Lisette.  Another pattern that is fine, but similar to pattern I already have (in some of my older Burda magazines).  The skirt especially is cute, but I don’t think I need to add it to my personal collection.

B6254  B6254

B6254 – Katherine Tilton.  I love this style!  It looks like a nice swingy loose-fitting coat that should be easy to construct.  I’m really digging the cut on the sleeves, and the high collar.  Must ponder my stash to find the right fabric…

B6256  B6256

B6256 – Jacket/skirt combo.  I’m a bit torn on this pattern.  The collar on the jacket is an interesting design detail, but, on the other hand, it almost seems a bit awkward?  I’m getting a very Princess Aurora vibe from it.  The skirt is nice, but nothing new.

B6257  B6257

B6257 – Lifestyle Wardrobe.

B6258  B6258

B6258 – Lifestyle Wardrobe.  Looks like this one is for knits.  Love the styling in the photo, but I don’t think I need to add any of the patterns to my collection.  It does look like a great set of styles if you are on a tight budget, especially if you can snag it at a pattern sale.

B6250  B6250

B6250 – I’m finding this quite similar to the Lisette pattern above.

                           B6251  B6251

B6251 – Fast & Easy.  Another pattern that looks very wearable and cozy, but similar to patterns already available.

                           B6252  B6252

B6252 – Fast & Easy.

                           B6253  B6253

B6253 – Katherine Tilton.  This style feels very youthful.  I think it could be quite cute, but I don’t think it is something I would really wear.

B6255  B6255


                         B6245  B6245

B6245 – Fast & Easy

B6246  B62xx


                          B6247  B6247


                         B6248  B6248


                        B6263  B6263


                        B6249  B6249

B6249 – Fast & Easy

                        B6261  B6261

B6261 – Connie Crawford

                       B6262  B6262

B6262 – Connie Crawford

                       B6231  B6231

B6231 – See & Sew

                       B6232  B6232

B6232 – See & Sew

                       B6233  B6233

B6233 – See & Sew

                       B6234  B6234

B6234 – See & Sew

                       B6235  B6235

B6235 – See & Sew

While I wasn’t overwhelmed by a majority of the patterns in this release, I am rather excited by many of the Retro and Costume patterns:

B6242  B6242

B6242 – Retro Butterick.  The pattern info says this pattern is circa 1960, and it definitely has a late 1950s vibe I’m really liking.

B6266  B6266

B6266 – Making History Nancy Farris-Thee.  I think this retro-inspired look is really cute!

                       B6259  B6259

B6259 – Retro Butterick, circa 1960.  I really love this classic coat!

                       B6267  B6267

B6267 – Making History.  This could be a great pattern for a lot of awesome cosplays.

                       B6264  B6264

B6264 – Gloves and bags.

                       B6265  B6265

B6265 – Retro Butterick, circa 1957.  Love this – it looks like something my mom would have had.

                        B6237  B6237

B6237 – Love the hoodie for dolls. Great pattern for kids who want to dress like their doll.

And that’s about it!  Overall I’m not too interested in the large selection of voluminous tops and sweaters, but there are definitely a few of the dresses and costume patterns that I’m looking to add to my collection.  What do you all think?  Are you excited by these looks for fall?  Or are you going to spend the season sewing from stash?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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