Burda Fall/Winter Catalog Patterns

The latest collection of envelope patterns is available from Burda.  I have to admit I’m actually very excited by this collection.  There is the usual mix of modern and classic designs in the typical size range (34-44), but there are also a lot of exciting patterns in the Burda Young, Burda Plus, and Burda Men’s collections as well.  And, as far as I’m aware, this is the first time Burda has released patterns in the Plus size range branded with the “Burda Young” label on the envelopes, which is an especially exciting development, as many of their previous Burda Plus designs could be considered a bit more matronly than what many younger adults or teens in those sizes may want to wear.  And, honestly, I really think Burda hit it out of the park with some of their Plus designs in this release.  It was also exciting to see options other than the classic blazer in the men’s section as well.  Overall I’m very excited with a lot of the designs in this release and I’m looking forward to adding a lot of these new patterns to my collection.


Since I’m most excited about the Burda Plus styles this year, let’s start with them.  I’m obsessed with style 6712.

BD67106711-ESB_300x432-ID355980-b1946bb585d2b267fcb91b18c21bcbcfBD6712 BD67136714-ESB_300x432-ID355983-38cfd3a7de0e1e11b3b28d6d41c775566715-ESB_300x432-ID355984-ac1725ca47c464a9ce54c5c39f9891b06716-YSB_300x432-ID355985-e17130360e843d44ab0489faa5cf803fBD67176748-ESB_300x432-ID356017-9385b6dd0c8dfb84136b68c13bb5f6246749-ESB_300x432-ID356018-435e2a721fecf9e026d7ba9ce50b365f

I’m also quite excited by the Men’s selection this year.  It’s nice to get something more casual than a blazer.

BD6718BD6719  6741-ESB_300x432-ID356010-79dd063b2db4acdb78fc5984bbc88b30

Love the spectacular gown (6708) in the Women’s collection.

BD6708 BD6751 BD6739

There are also some great casual dresses as well:

6690-ESB_300x432-ID355959-729a481b765e2574f1b88682653382e86691-ESB_300x432-ID355960-d4892609b011f12587a9f9bc0c9e423f6692-ESB_300x432-ID355961-3999930d39f144b7654f5f4719fd3a51BD6693BD66946706-ESB_300x432-ID355975-fedb54675921ddaaecc9c4101c2940c26707-ESB_300x432-ID355976-b042212b028a2cc1c0d9301b417b7f706720-YSB_300x432-ID355989-1398c441a19917a15ab5a279a3158eb26721-YSB_300x432-ID355990-f0a23b3201ddfef83c21e965c982d093BD6729BD6730 6731-ESB_300x432-ID356000-eebc2e3ee58e88621b7ef833ac65e9c06732-ESB_300x432-ID356001-c8e68693fc5bff72da9a0cbc727c6b546744-ESB_300x432-ID356013-47fb7acf8497d14f51b42cf9491378e3

Loving a lot of the jackets this season too:

    BD6703 BD6704BD6705BD67266727-YSB_300x432-ID355996-83fb74b3f5614d5b170998be5b8d32df   6736-ESB_300x432-ID356005-1ed7de5c2934432d94555a5a90397f9b 6737-ESB_300x432-ID356006-38b2aea6a5514d312b5f244ccd8fbb6f6738-ESB_300x432-ID356007-6385e38dad3cf52ed727ee1af52988f1BD67466747-ESB_300x432-ID356016-75f2bb742c929b5f8e6fcdd10679a5f8

Not too excited by most of the tops, but there are a few that are pretty cute.


I’m excited by many of the bottoms in this collection; definitely planning on adding some of these to my collection.


There are a few other useful patterns, mostly for cozy looking sleepwear

 6742-ESB_300x432-ID356011-1447329c2d21b374cfc064d02c176cf4 6740-ESB_300x432-ID356009-e8481d58252d9bce420396680c8d89d86743-ESB_300x432-ID356012-f973c05496907d534d17880b98dfda8b

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a great Burda release without a few crazy costumes:

2363-FSB_300x432-ID355945-eb8a88dc72a9d69fcd9d92039751ff312364-FSB_300x432-ID355946-40839d53787c5d17e816683e0671a836 2365-FSB_300x432-ID355947-8163de8b5fb6b4e21426c4e05edd0ab4  2366-FSB_300x432-ID355948-f6c8afe6d42c21f610f859b9277cc339

And that’s about it!  Overall I’m pretty excited for this collection, especially a few from the Burda Plus selection.  What do you all think?  See anything you are dying to make?  Or can you skip adding these to your personal collections?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Burda Fall/Winter Catalog Patterns

  1. Ah, the ole crazy costume sets. Burda never fails to entertain with those. Also, what’s with the guys they have modelling the guys clothes? In all their years of male pattern posing I think I’ve seen one male model that doesn’t look like a closet serial killer (or someone with a similar weird hobby/occupation).


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