Newsflash: New Summer Butterick Patterns

The latest patterns from Butterick are here.  I think this collection can pretty much be summed up in two words: snooze fest.  Seriously.  It’s like all the trends we’ve been seeing (jumpsuits, voluminous tops, culottes), only the most dull version we’ve had so far this season.  Overall, I’m not too impressed.  There are a few patterns that look like simple sews that would be easy to wear for summer, but overall, not too much to get excited about this time around.

B6206 – Simple maxi dress, looks like a good summer staple.
B6204 – Cup sizing pattern.  Not loving the high-low hem here.
B6209 – The color blocking has a nice effect here.
B6213 – Katherine Tilton.  Actually sort of liking this one.
B6207 – It’s a dress, but it looks like a nightshirt.
B6208 – I like the pleats.
B6205 – Meh.
B6203 – Dress with cup sizing.
B6222 – Connie Crawford.  Interesting use of color blocking.
Not really liking the double ruffle skirt though.
B6211 – Retro Butterick.  The model photos never quite excite me on these
vintage reprint patterns…
But the drawing is so pretty!
I think perhaps it is lack of 50’s undergarments that changes the shape?
B6212 – Retro Butterick.
For this one, all of the fun detail is in the back.
B6217 – Patterns by Gertie.  I like the neckline and other variations
that don’t have the awkward tie over the bust.
B6218 – Kathrine Tilton.  I actually really like the color blocking and draping of this top.
The back is pretty cool too!
B6219 – Skirt is ok.
B6221 – Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern.  Ummmm, I’m going to pass.
B6224 – Jumpsuit.  Meh.
B6220 – Another jumpsuit.  I like the top of this one slightly better, but, meh.
B6223 – Connie Crawford.
B6225 – PJs.  Not terrible, but, not exciting.
B6226 – Maternity pattern.  Actually fairly cute.
B6229 – Making History.  I actually really love this maid’s costume.
It looks so perfect!
B6228 – Waverly.  Apparently car pouches are the big craft project right now?

So, um, yeah.  Not a whole lot I’m super excited about here.  Actually, honestly, I’m probably most excited about the maid’s costume/historical pattern.  Everything else is just sort of repetitive and simple.  What do you all think?  Am I being too harsh on this collection?  See anything worthwhile?  Or are these going to be a pass for you all as well?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Summer Butterick Patterns

  1. Snooze fest indeed! I started looking at them after getting the email notification and could not be bothered to even finish. Looks like I didn't miss anything. Going to stop moaning about BURDA now, rather see crazy than all these repeats anyday


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