Newsflash(ish): Summer Simplicity and New Look Patterns

The latest offerings from Simplicity and New Look are here.  Overall I have to say that the designs are pretty similar to what we’ve seen from all the other pattern companies lately – voluminous tops, basic dresses, and lots of jumpsuits (or jumpsuit-looking-separates).  Nothing I’m super excited about (except maybe some of the costumes), but enough here that I might pick a few up at the next pattern sale…

S1114 – Jumpsuits everywhere!
S1115 – New Mimi G. jumpsuit pattern.
I’m liking the drama of the sleeve.
S1116 – Mimi G. bathing suit pattern.  I like it!
S1104 – New Cynthia Rowley.  I like the top/leggings combo.
I think it would look really cute with that skirt too.
S1105 – Cynthia Rowley babydoll dress.  Never been a fan of this style,
this doesn’t really change my opinion much.
S1099 – New Project Runway pattern.  I feel like this pattern is very on trend,
but I’m not really liking the current trends.  Might be a pass for me.
S1102 – Very similar to previous releases, but I like it.
I dunno about the open shoulder look, but the other versions I like a lot.
S1103 – New Threads dress pattern.  Sort of meh for me.
S1100 – Super Jiffy easy to sew pattern.
Looks awesome if you are spending a summer on a tropical island.
S1101 – Another Jiffy sewing pattern.
S1133 – Another Jiffy pattern.
The back is pretty interesting, but the front is kinda dull.
S1112 – Easy summer separates that can look like a jumpsuit.
S1113 – I’m seeing people wear tank tops like these all over the place.
S1110 – We’ve seen similar patterns many times before.
S1109 – Pleated skirt.  Meh.
S1106 – I’m sort of liking the blue version.
S1107 – Flowy tops.  Meh.
S1108 – I like the line drawings, but I don’t like
the drape of the sleeves on the model as much.
S1111 – I like the tank top options here.  This is going on my list.
S1137 – I’m loving this pattern!  Even though we’ve had similar before,
I’m a sucker for a gown with pretty and impractical sleeves.
S1138 – I’m liking several of the pieces here, maybe just not all together.
S1139 – This is a re-release of S9769.
S1128 – The car seat storage looks totally awesome.
S1135 – These dresses are so cute!
S1142 – Jumpsuits everywhere!
S1143 – This dress looks easy to sew and comfy to wear over summer.

And the new New Looks:

NL6373 – Jumpsuits, it’s a thing.  Not really liking the flounce over the top.
NL6372 – I do like the necklines here, even though the dress is very basic.
NL6374 – I actually really like the purple top.  The subtle gathers are nice.
NL6376 – Not really liking this top – you have to wear another
top under it!  Why more layers during the summer?
NL6378 – This os ok, nothing new, but easy pieces for layering.
NL6379 – Skirt/dress pattern.  I’m sort of liking it as a skirt.
NL6380 – Easy knit skirts/pants.  Looks awesome for lounging.
NL6381 – I’m sort of liking these pants, nothing exciting and new, but, still they look comfy.
NL6384 – The tops are pretty dull, but the skirts/pants look easy to make and comfy to wear.
NL6370 – Basic princess seamed dress.  Nice, but similar to other patterns.
NL6371 – Not really loving this dress.  Sort of meh.

And that’s it!  So, what is everyone thinking?  Any patterns you are excited to add to the stash?  Or do we all have enough jumpsuit patterns in our stash by this point?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Newsflash(ish): Summer Simplicity and New Look Patterns

  1. I just finished that New Look flouncy jumpsuit! Love it! LOL!!!

    Otherwise I like the swimsuit, LOVE the CR wardrobe pattern and the rest is snooze for me. I do not like ANY of those Jiffy patterns and 1105 is too giant toddler for me.


  2. I like seeing other people's versions of jumpsuits (like Mrs Smith's awesome number). Cannot ever see myself buying the patterns, let alone making one!

    None of the latest releases from either Simplicity or New Look sing to me at all.


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