Newsflash: Summer McCall’s Announced

The new McCall’s summer patterns can be seen here.  I have to admit – I’m actually really excited about this collection.  Perhaps it is because I saw this collection at 3am after a week of low levels of sleep, but even though there are a lot of simple silhouettes in this collection I’m still wanting to dole out a lump of cash to add too many of these to my stash.  To be fair there are a lot of patterns in this collection that are sort of dull (and there are a lot of kids patterns, which I don’t concern myself with overly much), but there are enough cool things to keep me interested too, which hasn’t been the case for many pattern releases this year so far.

In any case, let’s take a look:

M7167 – Jumpsuit with cup sizing.  I’m actually rather liking this one.
I think I mainly like the back – reminds me of a lot of my skating costumes.
M7156 – Jumpsuit/dress pattern.  Interesting was to incorporate the culotte trend.
M7164 – Easy McCall’s.  I actually really like these pants – they look super comfy.
The half elastic waistband makes them look super easy to fit and wear too.
M7165 – Easy McCall’s.  I really like these shorts too!
I’m liking the different length options here.
M7160 – Easy McCall’s.  Knit dress with pockets – totally want to make this for summer.
M7157 – Fun looking summer dress.
The back on this one has some interesting variations.
M7154 – The Archive Collection.  Super swanky.
The back of this dress – swoon!
M7153 – The Archive Collection.  I’ve been really liking
the recent vintage reprints from McCall’s.
M7168 – Create It! swimsuit pattern.
I really like all the variations for the top/bottom.  Very easy to customize.

The rest of the patterns sort of fall into the meh category for me:

M7161 – Easy McCall’s.  This maxi dress is actually pretty nice,
I’m just not overly excited by the simple lines.
M7158 – Easy McCall’s.  Easy pretty much sums it up – nothing exciting here…
M7169 – Palmer/Pletsch.  Simple A-line dress.  Meh.
M7152 – Nancy Zieman.  I appreciate the 60s vibe,
but it isn’t my favorite style.
M7159 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  Looks like a basic dress pattern.
M7166 – Melissa Watson for Palmer/Pletsch.  Not really digging the
crop top/ruffle skirt combo, but I can see others mixing and matching
these pieces in interesting outfits.  I just don’t think I would be one of them.
M7162 – Laura Ashley Easy with Cup Sizing.  I actually rather like the shaping of this top –
could look very good over a pencil skirt or slim pants.
M7155 – Easy McCall’s.
M7163 – Easy McCall’s.  Not really loving this.
M7170 – McCall’s Easy.  The shape of this skirt is interesting, but it is
very voluminous.

There are also a few interesting craft patterns:

M7176 – Steampunk-ish accessory pattern.
The chaps look sort of cheap (trash-bag-ish, really), but the holsters and bags are cool.
M7175 – Just Pretend Kids.  This looks like a fun kids/doll pattern!
M7173 – McCall’s Crafts.  Groovy man.
M7174 – Pillows!  This looks like the fabric manipulation could be an interesting intellectual exercise.

And that’s about it!  Granted, there are a lot of other kids patterns, but this is the majority of the release.  I have to admit I’m not as excited looking though it a second time, but I still want a few of the summer dress and easy pants patterns.  Anyone else excited by any of these releases?  Or is pattern previewing at 3am a bad idea?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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