Newsflash: May Burda Preview Posted

The latest issue of Burda is available for preview here.  Normally May is the fun summer dress issue.  While there are certainly a lot of dresses this year, I can’t say I’m as excited about this month as I have been in previous years.  Although I will say there are a few more designs I’m interested in than I’ve seen in previous issues from this year.  So, maybe this is the start of a Burda upswing?  Or at least a bit less of the overwhelming meh-ness we’ve had so far this year.

Since May is the dress issue, let’s look at the dresses:

I actually really like this dress – I think I’m responding to the silhouette.
You can see the details better here, but I prefer the monochromatic version.
The long version looks a bit like something Juliette would wear though.
Especially when I imagine it in red velvet with creme silk for the ruching…
This dress looks a bit more like a slip than a full length dress.
The length makes this version look a bit more wearable.
I’m usually not for the ruffles, but they don’t bother me overly much here.
I’m torn between liking this dress and feeling as though it looks a bit heavy-handed.
Boring sack dress, pretty lace.
Ruffles, ruffles everywhere.
The line drawing looks nuts, but the drape on the garment is quite pretty.
Maxi dress – a but blah for me.
Not totally sure how I feel about this one, but I’m sort of liking the idea of it more than the execution.
Never really a fan of the babydoll dress, and this hasn’t changed my mind.
Not really loving this.  Looks a bit fussy, though I can see it looking elegant on Lady Mary.
As far as the non-dresses go, there are a few really good things in this issue:
I LOVE this jacket!  Very classy and fitted without any time
consuming details makes it a very tempting project.
Ruffle coat – I’m actually sort of liking this, even with the ruffle.
I love what they did with the print, and I actually like some of the details on the jacket.
Ok, I know this is a basic thing to make, but it looks super dramatic and I love it.
I’m also sort of digging this tunic top, even though
it isn’t the sort of thing I normally gravitate towards.
Still sort of on the fence about this design, but I like it better as a shirt.
I feel like this might be a better style for a winter issue.
This top isn’t too bad, possibly a bit boxy.
I’m sort of liking these pants more than I should.  The styling on the models is really cute,
and they look like they would make some killer PJs also.
I don’t know about the drawstring, but I’m still wanting to make some patterned pants.
Interesting way to have a subtle different in fabrics on a pant.
The Burda Plus section looks very wearable, but not overly exciting:
I do love the use of stripes on this dress, though it looks like it might be a bit low cut.
I like the short version as well.
Basic dress – not overly exciting, but a good basic for summer.
Looks like a good dress for when it is a million degrees outside.
Basic t-shirt.  Meh.
This skirt looks like a nice wardrobe staple.
This tunic could easily be made into a shirt dress.

And that’s about it.  Nothing in this issue that I’m finding to be a total wow, but there are at least a few things that have caught my eye.  Just not loving the Burda trends this year I guess.  In any case it is time to pick the best and worst patterns of the issue.  I was a bit torn, but in the end I’m giving the Best of BS 2015 to:

Sleek modern blazer.

I was considering many of the dress patterns, but the seams on this jacket are pretty interesting, and the shape is pretty modern and sleek, so it sort of ended up on top for me.  The fact that it looks pretty simple to sew (not too many intimidating details) makes it pretty compelling as well.  The only issue is that I will have to alter it from the petite sizing, but that shouldn’t be too much extra effort.

The worst pattern of the month was similarly difficult to choose.  Not because anything was overly bad, but because there were a lot of pieces that were rather boring.  In the end BWTF Award for May 2015 goes to:

Boring color blocked babydoll dress.

So boring.  And anything with a horizontal seam across the bust automatically gets negative points from me.  So yeah – not much going on here that I can find to redeem the pattern.

And there it is!  Overall I have to say Burda is continuing its streak of non-inspiring magazines for the year, but I think there are at least a few decent patterns available here.  I’m still kind of hoping that the June issue will have a larger selection of good pattern options, but I can’t say I’m expecting it.  What do you all think?  Is Burda slowly pulling itself out of a slump with this issue?  Or will the dull-ness extend through the summer?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: May Burda Preview Posted

  1. I am disappointing with May issue. I waited nice dresses as usual but I don't like any, maybe only first one. The black jacket is really nice but I wouldn't buy May issue. I like April more than this one.


  2. I actually LOVE this issue but I prefer more basic designs with not a million details. I hope they continue the improvements with June because I have not been overly excited about the issues so far this year.


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