Newsflash: New McCall’s Patterns

The latest spring collection of McCall’s patterns is up on on the BMV website.  Overall, not super impressed by this collection.  A lot of voluminous designs, and simple silhouettes.  A few interesting styles, but, mostly a lot of misses for me.  Let’s take a look:

M7121 – Simple design, but makes effective use of the stripes for a chevron effect.
It looks like the sort of pattern that would be easy to put together, but fun to wear.
M7119 – This wrap dress looks like a fun summer look.
M7130 – This skirt/dress (it converts) would be a good swimsuit cover up too.
M7116 – Simple summer dress, not overly excited by this one.
M7117 – Dress with cup sizing.  This is growing on me the more
I look at the picture, even though it is a pretty basic dress.
M7124 – David Tutera.  I’m getting a very Glinda from Wicked vibe.
M7123 – David Tutera.  Can’t decide how I feel about this.
Maybe I’ve seen so many high-low hems I’m past the point of caring?
M7122 – Learn to Sew for Fun dress.  Pretty basic.
M7120 – Learn to Sew for Fun dress.  Another basic design.
M7118 – McCall’s Easy design.  Meh.
M7115 – McCall’s Easy romper.  Not really a fan of this one – looks sort of pj-ish.
M7133 – Melissa Watson.  I’m liking the proportions better on this jumpsuit.
I think it would look pretty classy in a solid fabric.
It also comes as a top/culottes. Culottes are officially a thing.
M7132 – Melissa Watson pattern blocked cardigan.  Actually sort of liking this one.
M7135 – Khaliah Ali.  Is this the first time we’ve seen her pattern with McCall’s?
M7134 – Another Khaliah Ali.  I like the use of stripes on the top.
M7126 – I’m actually sort of liking the shape of this top.
I’m actually sort of liking the different shape on the peplum.
M7127 – Basic from the front…
…awesome from the back!  Really liking this design.
M7128 – Tunic.  Meh.
M7125 – Another basic top.  Another meh.
M7131 – The pants are so full!  I actually want this for a costume idea…
Culottes – totally a thing this spring!
M7129 – Learn to Sew for Fun skirt.
M7140 – Costume pattern.
M7141 – Schoolgirl costume pattern.
The exaggerated proportions here look very anime.

And that’s about it.  Overall, a bit meh.  I do like that cross-over top, and a few of the dress patterns, but nothing here is standing out as a drool-worthy must buy for me.  Anyone else finding something super exciting in this collection?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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