Newsflash: April Burda Early Preview and Burda Plus Spring/Summer Full Preview Posted

The Russian Burda website is on top of it – the April preview is posted here, and the full preview of the Spring/Summer Burda Plus is here.  I have to say, the early preview for April wasn’t too inspiring.  I went to P-an-da in the hope that there might be more to get excited about, but, sadly, there doesn’t seem to be too much going on in the April issue.

Starting April off right – what is with that collar?
So. Many. Culottes!  Am I over them already?
Or do I want some?  I can’t decide.
I want that top (but I’m making it in different colors).
Love the 50s feel of this skirt.
Weird jumpsuit is… weird.
Sack dress.  Bleh.
Boxy top.  More bleh.
Dress is maybe cute?  I want to see the line drawing.
Not loving the proportions on the peplum blouse.
Might be interested in this top and/or shorts.
Not overly excited by this jacket.
Not very excited by this jumpsuit (?) either.
Is this a dress, robe, or nightgown?  Not totally sure…
This dress is sort of cute though.

The Plus issue is about half re-prints, and half new patterns, though I think the only really exciting pattern is the new jacket.  There are a few dresses and blouses that could be some nice wardrobe pieces as well though:

Love this.
This dress is rather cute as well.
Also liking this more elegant version.  Normally I don’t like
this type of pleated skirt, but I like what is does for the shape here.
Not loving the ruffles.
I do like the shape of this cardigan though.
The scallops on this blouse look like a pain to sew.
Simple blouse could be a nice wardrobe item.
I do like this blouse and the pants.

Have to say it’s nice to see some new patterns in the Burda Plus magazine.  Not enough for me to feel the need to add it to my collection, but, still, it isn’t too bad of an issue.  The April issue though… I’m not excited at all for that one.  Am I missing something?  Or is it really that utterly dull?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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