Newsflash: Burda Spring/Summer Catalog Patterns Announced

The German Burda website has the catalog preview for the Spring/Summer envelope patterns up on their website.  You can look at the full catalog, starting with the newest patterns here.  Overall I have to say there are some cute patterns, but also a lot of rather generic basics.  Basics are good for wardrobe purposes, but not overly interesting to discuss.  In any case, let’s take a look at the new collection:


The sheath dress is fairly basic,
but I love the cropped jacket with it.
This would be a cute sun dress.
I thought this was a nightgown collection,
but Burda informs me that they are, in fact, dresses.
Not loving the almost muumuu.
I am, however, loving the long dress and the tunic top here.
The dress is very basic, but perfect for the heavy lace they use.
LOVE the blue dress on the right.
Oddly attracted to the maxi here, even though it is very simple.
Another simple, but cute summer sundress.
What?  A cute bridesmaid dress?  I actually sort of want this pattern now.


The circle skirt is simple, but I really
like the contrast band on the brown one.
Not sure I like the way this skirt sits on the model.
Can’t decide if I like this ruffled skirt or not…
This jean skirt is pretty cute though.
I’m liking this skirt with the asymmetric hem as well.


I like the shape on the long green pants.
These capris/bermudas are cute too.
Nice basic trousers.
I actually like views B and C on this pattern.
Not loving this pattern – a bit too much volume.


Very on trend pattern.
Nice basic t-shirt pattern.
Really like the blue version of this top.
Not sure how I feel about this top – looks kind of dated.
Really like these tank tops – the middle one could be
great to make in a spandex as a workout top as well.

Jackets and suits:

Really like this coat!  Definitely adding this to my list.
LOVE this jacket too!  Definitely one of the best in the new collection.
Love all the pieces in this suit set.
Love all of the seams and shaping on the jackets.


Love the color blocking on this pattern – the proportions are just perfect.


It seems to me that many of these designs are a bit on the simple side.  I can’t decide if that is just because that is the prevalent style right now, of if some of it has to do with the fact that a lot of the most popular patterns of late are the most basic ones?  In any case there are only a few of these patterns that I feel that I really want to add to my collection, and a couple that are in the maybe category.  Usually I have a larger number of patterns on my wishlist from the Burda releases.  So, what do you all think?  Are you seeing a lot of great summer basics that will be useful in a wardrobe?  Or is it a relatively boring release?  See any must-haves?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Newsflash: Burda Spring/Summer Catalog Patterns Announced

  1. For the first time in ages I see a few patterns that I might consider buying. Burda have never really done it for me in terms of fit and styles.

    6812 seems OK, but I remember culottes the first time around – not getting into them this time!


  2. Literally came back here to call you out on being an enabler ^^ I picked up the shirt dress and the asymmetrical hem skirt at the last sale and that white coat is on my list for the next one-so thanks for giving these such good coverage 😉 Burda should pay you-or at least give you some sort of royalties-I never really cared about their envelope patterns due to having the mags but I’ve been so damn time poor lately that the envelope patterns just make more sense. I’ll be tracing that boxy coat out of the 02/2015 though-it’s my soon to be new lab coat 😉


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