Newflash: February Burda Preview Posted

The full February preview of BurdaStyle Magazine is up at the Russian website.  You can also see a video sneak peak on the German site.  Based on the early images, I wasn’t too excited for this edition, but I was hoping that line drawings and garment photos would convince me otherwise.  I have to admit, there look to be a few gems in this issue, but, overall, I think there are just too many pieces with too much volume, and not a ton of variety.  But, in any case, let’s take a look…

First up, let’s look at what really shines in this issue – the jackets:

LOVE this jacket!  Love it.  The colors might not be
my particular favorites, but I really like the style lines.
The attached scarf is an interesting idea, though it would
be more versatile without that feature.
Love the angles on the back as well!
I also think this color blocked blazer is super cool.
I probably wouldn’t make it in denim, but the lines are super flattering.
Still love it in a single fabric.
Classy.  Might be easier to wear with a back vent?
This long coat has some interesting diagonal seams.
Love the short version with the collar even more!
And this version with trim is quite interesting as well.
We’ve had oversized coats from Burda before –
nothing new here, but I still like it as a spring coat.
Don’t think it works as well in the shorter version.

The the dresses and tops this time around were a bit… lackluster.  I will admit that there are some interesting uses of angled seaming, but the effect feels somewhat lost when there is so much fabric.

Firstly, I love me a good knit dress, but we’ve had a LOT of similar
selections from Burda lately.
I like the color blocking on the sleeves…
but the placement of the diagonal is not the most flattering placement.
Fairly simple dress with dropped waist and pleated skirt.
I’m oddly liking this dress.  Probably not enough to make it,
but I do like it in the model photo.
Sack dress #1.  The collar is interesting.
Sack dress #2.  I actually sort of like this dress, except for the hem.
Looks like a nightgown.  Definitely something I would change.
I think I like it best as a blouse.
Actually, might take the hem from the above dress as a variation.
I’m oddly liking this dress – picturing it styled
with leggings and boots looks cool in my brain at least.
I like it as a blouse too.
Similar top, but with a collar.
Giant shiny silver sack top.  Meh.
Giant floral sack dress. Meh.
The photo of this blouse makes it look a bit poofy for me.
But I really love the way it looks on the model.
It has potential I think.  Maybe?
Crop top.  I am so past the age of crop tops.
Honestly, I was never the proper age for crop tops.
I do think it looks cute on the model.  
Voluminous white shirt.  Meh.
Anyone else getting a Kini vibe?
Quasi-peplum top.  Interest points for the wavy seam.
Negative points because it is just so poofy.
Yes, the seam looks like the silhouette of mountains.
Interesting, but I’m not loving the overall effect.
Sack dress #?.  I’ve lost track.
The seams on the arms are kinda cool though.
The top version is ok, but still a bit voluminous.

There are only a few skirts and pants in this issue…

We’ve had this sort of waterfall fabric effect before,
but I think it is just slightly a bit too big here.
Pleated skirt… not sure how i feel about the curved hem.
Sort of like the longer length, but probably
would lengthen from ankle to full maxi.
Pleated wrap skirt.  I’m actually like
it more than I did in the early preview.
Kind of want to see how all the pattern pieces go together…
Color blocked pants.  I’m… not entirely impressed by the giant V.
I do like the silhouette of the pants.
I kind of like the piping on the lower legs.
The V is sort of distracting…
… but it is better than full on baboon bottom.

The Burda Plus section has some great pieces, along with a few head scratchers.  A bit confused about the mix of classy delicate fabrics like chiffon with athletic mesh…

Love this coat!  Super classy.
Hate the fabric choices, but the pattern works well for this short jacket as well.
Well, maybe without the star.
Love this blouse too!  Very pretty.
This blouse is a little boring though.
And I’m very meh about this top.  Also confused.  Here – short sleeves.
Here – short sleeves over a long top?
Or 2 piece sleeves?
Here – 2 piece sleeves.  So, which is it?
This dress is fine, but I like it better as a blouse.
Color blocked pants – is the top made of knit?
Interesting way to make fitting easier.
These cargo pants are actually kind cool.

And that’s about it.  Overall I’m not finding too much to love, BUT those few jackets are really awesome, so that kind of makes up for the rest of this issue.  So it shouldn’t be too difficult to guess what the top pattern pick is going to this month.  Without further ado, the Best of BS February 2015 goes to:

Color blocked moto jacket!

The color blocked blazer was a close second though.  The bottom pattern was a bit more difficult to decide, but, in the end BWTF goes to:

Floral curtain dress!

Yeah, even styling can’t save that one.  So, what do you all think?  Did I miss something good?  Or is this issue kind of a snooze?  Does a few awesome patterns make up for a lot of sack-shaped tops?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Newflash: February Burda Preview Posted

  1. Giant silver sack top for the loss. Maybe tied with crazy pants. 🙂

    I love the jackets. Not to be captain obvious but did you realize the cool Moto type jacket is the same pieces as the short (tan) and long (navy) coat?! I was surprised and excited to see that!

    The shorter one in tan will be my Feb Burda project. In berry wool. That'll be a fun spring jacket no?

    I love that pleated dress but know I'll never make it. I think the weird scarf skirt has some nice lines if you remove the weirdly draping fabric. I'm kind of excited to get this issue.


  2. I agree that the jackets are the best thing in this issue, everything else seems to have soooo much volume – good for fabric stashbusting I suppose! Also “full on baboon bottom” is the best description I've seen of those crazy pants!!


  3. I really like the colour blocked boot cut trousers – so much so, I'm going to have a go at finding the Burda magazine. That will be very interesting as I haven't seen it here (Aus) for several years.


  4. Also, I finally found this on ebay and bought it for all the cool white shirts and to make the oversized coat up as a lab coat. Gonna make it in cotton drill, which just happens to be on sale right now at the remnant place. XD
    Any idea what the fabric requirements are for that coat? Can’t wait for the magazine to arrive so I can trace it and sew it up ^^


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