Newsflash: December Burda Preview Posted

The final issue of 2014 is here!  The full preview of the December Burda can be seen on the Russian website.  I wasn’t overly excited by the early preview of this issue, but I have to say some of the garment photos/line drawings have caught my eye in the full preview.  I don’t think this issue is as good as many of the earlier editions from this year (I mean, let’s face it – it has been a pretty fantastic year for Burda magazine), but there isn’t anything too offensive in this issue either.  It feels like a lot of re-hashed ideas that we’ve seen in previous issues, and a lot of space is taken up by the (almost annual) sleepwear section.  In any case, let’s take a look…

First up, here are some of the best things from this issue:

I really like this sequin party dress!
The model’s hair covers up all the interesting detail at the shoulder
in the original photos, but I love the triangles.
Great way to add interest while still being totally covered.

Another nice dress from the holiday party section.
Not sure how I feel about the long drape, but I like the simple
silhouette and the attached belt.
I know it’s just a basic tunic, but I’m oddly drawn to it.
I feel like it would look great over some skinny jeans.
I’m also digging the knit tops in this issue.
Loving the collar and sleeves, but I think I prefer the
version without the piping down the long seams.
This coat!  LOVE the collar!  And the buttons.
(Also, yes, it does look very much like the teal coat from
My Image Magazine from a few winters ago.)
Appliquè close-up attempt.  Lots of sequins.
Oh man, I am getting all the ideas right now.
And look at all the awesome seaming on the back!
Sigh.  So lovely.  If only is wasn’t sized for petites!
Burda, you’re killing me here.  Just once could I be NOT
in love with the designs that require extra fitting work?
If the sequins are a bit much for your sensibilities, there is a more subdued shorter version as well.
I’m also liking this top (sized for tall).  It is a nice take on the peplum trend –
tones it down but still stays with the trend.

There were a lot of options this time around that I would classify in the “fine, but not exciting” category:

You’d think I would like the dress as since I like the top… but the proportions feel a bit off to me.
I like everything in the line drawing…
… it just looks so blah on the model.
Maybe with a shorter hemline?
This dress from the holiday party section is another
one that is nice, but doesn’t feel really special.
Actually, I sort of think the shorter version would be
more fun for layering over leggings and such.
Look, we get a designer pattern in this issue!
Is it bad if I am sort of… not impressed?
I mean, it’s a square dress with giant-sauce pockets.
You could fit Zack Morris’s cell phone in those pockets.
Very simple jacket is a nice pattern to use with sequins,
but a bit too basic to be really exciting.
The layered fabrics on this skirt are sort of visually interesting,
but I’m not sure how excited I am by all the added bulk in the hip area.
Top based on the sequin dress from above.
Is ok, but for some reason I like the dress better.
Skirt with pleating.  We’ve seen a lot of these before.
I do like the details on the yoke though – a bit easier to see in the black on black.
Blouse with front tie.  Another design that feels a bit generic,
though I am liking the raglan sleeves.
Pencil skirt with front tie detail.  I do sort of like this one.
Looks like the front tie covers a slit?
I want to see the pattern pieces!
Possibly more interesting than the garments themselves is the model photo.
Dances with polar bears?  Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.
Ok, I actually like a lot of the details on this cape.
It just gets knocked down a few points for looking like it’s been made out of old carpet.
Ok, so it is just a basic pencil skirt, but I like it.
The slit is nice for mobility, bit not too revealing.

And then there were a few patterns where I’m left feeling that Burda got lazy:

Haven’t we seen this before?  Like, a lot this year?
No, I mean, seriously, like, a lot.
Ok, baggy sweatshirts, whatever…
But this is just a giant rectangle with sleeves!
Hammer time!
(*Can’t touch this!*)
This might have been cute before it got caught in the paper shredder!
The hazards of wearing long tops in an office environment…
Really?  Like, this is so basic, I bet you have to draft all the pieces yourself.
Seaweed dress from the black lagoon!
Looks like a reject from the summer issues.
Though, I suppose, maybe, it might be good for layering during winter.
Maybe.  And the looseness could be good for hiding the fact you ate an entire turkey.
Or something.

I think part of my boredom is due to the fact that a large portion of the magazine is dedicated to sleepwear.  Not much to say, but here they are:

This cami top is sort of cute…
I still kind of want these pants.
But only if I can make them in some crazy cotton print.
(Note: these are sized for wovens – yay!)
A knitting pattern too!

The Burda Plus section is dedicated to ladies going out on the town.  I actually like a lot of these designs.  I just don’t think Burda made the best choices in terms of fabrics and colors…

Actually really like this tunic.  Could be a great item in a wardrobe.
Not sure if I’m loving the dress version quite as much.
Looks a bit… dare I say… frumpy in the photo.
Maybe I can blame the awkward lighting?
I do like the idea of this color blocked top.
Also like it as a dress.  Not loving the way their fabrics photographed here.
Not loving this top.  Just too ruffly over the lower ab region for my taste.
A new type of mullet skirt – business in the front,
party in the back!
Not sure if I would be super excited by shiny
fabrics highlighting my bum.
Decent loose jacket pattern… 
I actually like the design here – another case where the
fabrics really didn’t help the photography at all.

Normally I don’t care much about the kids section, but some of these designs are just too cute to ignore:

This coat is so adorable!
And how cute is this dress!  So easy to make in fancier fabrics too.
Look – it’s a mini-me jacket, made in the same fabric as the coat shown above.
Another adorable dress pattern.

And that’s about it!  I didn’t have nearly the trouble choosing my top/bottom picks as I have in previous issues – there are definitely quite a few I’m liking, but not nearly as many strong contenders across the board.  In any case, the December Best of BS for 2014 goes to:

The embellished coat!

The collar, the seaming, the detailed embellishments… Yeah.  There really isn’t anything that comes close in this issue.  This is a statement piece, and it is gorgeous.  I just wish there were more detailed close-ups to look at.

Picking the low pattern was only slightly more difficult than picking the winner – there are some rather lackluster patterns in this issue.  But, well, in the end the BWTF award goes to:

Shredded knit top.

If you spin around in it you can be a one-man car wash machine!  Paper shredder, angry cats, covering up a scissor accident… I could keep ripping it apart.  Oh, wait.  Burda already did that.  It doesn’t help that the model photo makes her look like a ship wreck victim.  Ok, I’ll just cut and run now.

And there it is!  The last Burda for the 2014 calendar year!  (Yes, yes, I know we will have the January issue before it is time to run around replacing calendars, but that doesn’t really count.)  I’m not as excited for this month as I have been for previous issues this year.  But, well, the few patterns I do like are pretty up there now on my wish-list, so I guess I’m more excited than I thought I was going to be based on the earliest photos.  What do you all think?  Is there enough here to get you excited for end-of-the-year sewing projects?  Or are you going to ignore this issue when it shows up in favor of some of the more enticing previous releases?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: December Burda Preview Posted

  1. i actually do like that designer pattern! and first two party dresses, too.. and find it quite strange that there is no actual pants pattern (well, those that are in the issue are not really the type of pants one wears out of the house).. and that shredded knit top is just insane, can not imagine anyone wanting to wear that.. still, i kind of like this issue better than the last one, and i ended up bying last one too 🙂


  2. I don't love this issue – BUT – I did decide to go ahead and subscribe starting with December – yay me!

    I love all of the pajama patterns. All of them. All. Of. Them. I want them all.

    I really like the designer pattern without the insane pockets. I love the pleated skirt and the tie neck blouse. I want to like the romantic top with it's puff sleeves…

    The peplum top is cute but the dress version is very blah.


  3. I pretty much agree with your whole (brilliant) review. I do think 2014 has been a great year for Burda with a return to more interesting design details (I'd rather have a bit of crazy in there than be bored if only for entertainment purposes!). Not that this shows in my output this year sadly, but I find even the fashion-y stuff can be made up later.


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