The Sewing Space – A Work in Progress and Other News

So post nationals my sewing space was pretty much a hot sparkly mess.  Like, a really, really bad mess.  Like, I can’t see my cutting table bad.

It was bad you guys.  Really, really bad.

But re-organizing my stash did seem to help quite a bit…

A view from the trenches – buried in boxes!

Luckily, a week of re-shuffling and re-organizing provided me with an almost-functional space!

The bookshelf of awesome!  Chock full of Burdas.
The plastic drawers are now full of envelope patterns.
(Also, something else exciting is in this photo.  Can you find it?)
Even my machines got a bit of servicing:
This is what your serger looks like if you don’t pull it apart to dust.
Thanks to Peter at Male Pattern Boldness I wasn’t
afraid to clean my machine anymore!
Cleaning the innards of my Janome!
So much lint and gunk!  Eww.
Of course, since these photos have been taken I’ve been given something in the neighborhood of 50 yards of skating costume fabrics.  So the cleanliness is not so much right now.  At least my cutting table is cleared.

I actually had a panic attack the other day – I was sewing some ponte and my machine was making a scary rattling/tinkling noise.  I was going to be very sad if something had broken off of the inside…  But, happily, it turns out a pin had rolled under the machine and the vibrations were making it jump around.  Crisis averted.

In other news… The reunion dress didn’t really happen in time for the reunion.  Mostly because the reunion didn’t really happen.  Well, it did, sort of, but it was rather small and understated.  The party was actually mostly cancelled due to low turnout, and the few of us who did show up just had a dinner instead.  It was all very wait-and-see until a few days before the event.  And when the party got scrapped so did my original dress plans.  I ended up starting a second dress, but it needed a few substantial alterations to the pattern, so it didn’t get finished in time.  Expect to see it pop up on the blog in a few weeks or so – I’ve got another event I can wear it to coming up soon.

The skating costume sewing is slowly resuming.  I wasn’t too excited to get back to it, but a recently started very fun competition costume has sort of got the mojo perking up.  Combine that with The Sewing Party online event this weekend… and, yeah, I’m hoping this will kick my winter sewing into overdrive.  Especially since I have about a million sewing project gifts I want to get done.

So, yeah.  Sewing progress is happening slowly.  But at least it is happening.

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