Newsflash: November Burda Early Preview Posted

The early preview photos from the November Burda are up on the German and Russian websites.  I’ve been excited for this issue ever since my October edition showed up in the mail.  I’m pretty much still super excited.  Additional images on p-an-da are awesome too.  I know a lot of people don’t care much for the gowns and evening wear, but I always love seeing them in the magazines.  Maybe I don’t need to look like a movie star most days, but if I ever do, I want to have options.  And after project dirndl, well, I’m kind of at the point where I’m never going to say never.  Anyway, I still want to see the line drawings, but, yeah, I’m pretty sure November is going to be a great issue.

I’ve been obsessing over this dress since the magazine arrived.
Not sure how I’m feeling about the shredded fabric bits
(does it look too much like mummy wraps or toilet paper?)
but I do love the bodice on this dress.
Dramatic!  The collar might be a bit crazy, but the rest of it I like.
I want to see the garment photo/line drawing for this.
A more wearable version of the tan dress from above?
Either way, I like it.  Definitely want to make this one.
Interesting how fabric choice and styling make such
a big difference between these two photos.
This is the same dress as above, but I’m liking it a lot more in the red.
LOVE this coat!  The large collar is dramatic and awesome.
Ooh, I like this one too!  The print is so cool!
Not really a fan of the poof, but maybe that is just me.
I wasn’t a fan of the sleeves on this top at first,
but they are sort of growing on me.
Pants with leather details, I think?  
Yeah, we’ve seen a million pleated skirts, but I rather
like this one.  Maybe it is just the print or the styling,
but I think it’s cute.

So, anyway, early photos, yay.  November issue, yay.  Can’t wait to see more of the gowns and the coats in this issue – they look totally fabulous.  I’m pretty much sure I’m going to be loving this issue regardless of what anyone says, but feel free to discuss the potential horror of wearing a mummy gown in the comments!

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