Newsflash: Fall/Winter Kwik Sew Patterns Announced

This happened a few days ago, so obviously I was really motivated to get the post up.  (Granted, I’ve had a very busy few days, but, still.)  Anyway, as with most of the recent Kwik Sew releases, a majority of the new patterns are for kids/crafts/baggy tunics that I’m not interested enough to bother posting, though I will admit the Ellie Mae girls dresses are sort of adorable.  There are a few new adult clothing patterns that are worth looking at though:

K4068 – This dress isn’t overly complicated, but I like it.  
You can see the details better in the sleeveless version.
K4081 – This dress was the first on the product page that caught my eye.
However, I’m not sure if I really like the way the gathering is looking in the photos.
K4085 – I actually really like this tunic top, which also comes with an options for sleeves.
(Also, color choice + hair style makes me think Elsa.  Or maybe Daenerys.  Dang.  Now I want to get it.)
K4084 – Another knit top with longer tunic option.
I like this, but it is very similar to recent Burda releases,
so I think I can pass.
K4069 – I like this turtleneck top, but it is another pattern I think is skip-able
if you (like me) already have several in your stash.
K4071 – The design lines on this jacket are rather nice.
It actually looks like it wouldn’t be too complicated to sew either,
so it might be a nice way for someone to try a more complex project.
K4087 – I had problems seeing the design features past the crazy bright prints…
But the basic style lines are actually quite nice.
K4072 – Normally I skip all the PJ patterns, but this racerback slip is an
interesting addition to the pattern, and not something I’ve seen elsewhere.
K4075 – This looks like a great man’s shirt pattern.
Could be a nice wardrobe staple.
K4070 – Simple straight leg trousers.  Fine, but not overly exciting.
K4083 – Peplum tunic.  Not sure if I’m loving the proportions.
Sort of reminds me of things my Skipper dolls wore in the early 90s.
K4082 – This peplum dress was sort of a “meh” for me when I first saw it,
but then I saw the line drawing… 
The peplum stops in the back.  Ummm, what?  Then it becomes this sort of odd
perma-apron thingy.  Or it looks like your dress got caught in the elevator.  Or something.
Again, ummm, what?

So there (some of) it is.  Sorry to say I’m feeling too lazy to comment on the rest of it.  Or even continue my rant about how sad I am to see Kwik Sew going from fast, easy clothing patterns to assorted craft items.  Or about how they retired, like, 85% of their athletic design patterns.  I’m really digging that one tunic top, but the rest of it… is passable.  Especially since I feel like I’ve already got similar patterns in the stash.  So – what are your thoughts?  See anything worth getting?  Or are the Kwik Sew patterns a total snoozefest, especially in light of some of the awesome designs we’ve been getting from other brands this fall?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Fall/Winter Kwik Sew Patterns Announced

  1. Yes. I'm in mourning for Kwiksew too. I just din't get why you'd acquire a brand and turn it into something else completely. Why not just start a new one? The activewear and knit patterns were always the best thing about kwiksew. A genuine culture question for you: do people in the US actually sew the kind of crafts that we see in pattern books? And do the buy patterns for them? We're not so into that type of craft here in NZ, perhaps its because our winters aren't as long. (And people tend to knit and quilt instead, perhaps).


  2. You know, I have the same reaction when I see the Burda crafts section. But to answer your question, I honestly don't really know. I mean, I assume someone is buying them, otherwise I can't see them making so many of these patterns, but I don't actually know anyone who does make them. It seems like most people who sew make garments, costumes, bags, or quilts, and people who consider themselves “crafters” typically use many other materials and only sew occasionally. I don't know anyone who does the sorts of craft patterns seen in the catalogues. Actually, I don't know if I've ever seen anyone make any of them, ever. I mean, holiday stockings and home dec sorts of items, sure. But not very much of some of the zanier designs.

    It might be a regional thing though. The countryside crafty aesthetic seems to appeal more to the middle of the country (I've got family there, so don't hate) than it does to either of the coasts. Perhaps it is really big in the midwest, so I don't see it as much being a west coast native?


  3. I agree with you about it possibly being regional. I don't see much crafting on the east coast (NY area). It could also be an urban/rural divide.


  4. The only reason I really like their patterns was because they had a large selection of skating/athletic patterns, but nearly all of them are OOP now. I don't have many of their actual clothing patterns – they aren't as detailed or interesting as many of the other brands.


  5. I can’t help it, I have to reply. I am from Michigan and I don’t see anyone doing the crazy craft stuff here–full size and baby quilts yes–but not the weird stuff. I thought it was for the people on the coast to do –either coast, since it isn’t something the Midwest is into.
    I too love the KS for the well fitting knit clothes, exercise and ballet wear, and PJ’s and underthings that no one else was designing patterns. As they started designing more clothes, I mourned because I needed more dancewear and swimwear patterns. I still use their underwear patterns including bras because they fit correctly.


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