My October Burda Came, But Now I Want November!

I was getting a bit worried, because my October Burda hadn’t shown up on its normal timetable (I rather predictably get my issues on the Monday following the full preview postings on the Russian website).  Happily, it along with the Fall/Winter Burda Easy have both shown up, providing me with much motivation to get other sewing projects done so I can make a few things for myself.  Anyway, normally I don’t post preview photos until they are announced on one of the official Burda websites, but the preview page in the back of this issue was just too exciting to wait.  I was super happy with the October issue, but I’m already obsessing over November:

So much goodness promised for next month!
I’m totally drooling over this gown.  Can’t wait to see the others.
That dress is cute!  Looks like we get a vintage inspired section next month.
I like where both of these are going too!
Looks like some sleek modern looks and some 60s-inspired designs as well.
So, yeah, I’m already excited.  Usually the magazine previews don’t do much to excite me for upcoming issues, but either they picked four great photos, or the next issue is going to be totally awesome.  I’m hoping for awesome.  Burda’s been knocking it out of the park this year, and I’m cautiously going to say that it looks like the trend is going to continue.

One thought on “My October Burda Came, But Now I Want November!

  1. LOL! My sentiments exactly! My October issue also arrived late (just came, yesterday). I was so worried it wasn't going to show. Then when I saw the red dress on the preview page, I literally gasped! GORGEOUS! I'm so excited about the vintage-inspired collection, too! I think November could end up being the best issue of the year =D


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