Simplicity’s Got Frozen Patterns! (Sort of…)

Somewhere in the past few weeks Simplicity has posted some new costume patterns based on Disney’s Frozen – one for girls and one for dolls.  It is hilarious to me that it has taken Disney this long to release an officially licensed pattern for this product.  Even more hilarious, the girl-sized pattern is on back order until mid-September.  It’s like they are still shocked and confused that this movie has been so popular.  And, what’s more, they are incredibly behind the times.  I mean, let’s face it, nerds scrutinize movie costumes the way fashion bloggers obsess over photos from the latest couture runway shows.  Disney/Simplicity really should have had this pattern out at the start of the year, when the movie was just hitting theaters.  What they should be pumping out now is a Guardians of the Galaxy family costume pattern – with Star-Lord and Gamora patterns for the adults, Rocket Raccoon for the kids, and a potted Groot onesie for the babies.  Actually, thinking about it, this is totally going to be the carnival feature in next January’s Burda, I’m calling it now!

Anyway, new-ish patterns.  That you can’t really buy yet.  And are mostly for kids.  But, hey, at least they exist!

The doll patterns are so cute!
Love the little green Anna dress.
Good luck getting this before Halloween…

5 thoughts on “Simplicity’s Got Frozen Patterns! (Sort of…)

  1. Yeah, I posted about those when they went up. The nice thing about McCall's is they have adult sizes too.

    The difference is that Disney doesn't have anything to do with the McCall's patterns, while they are clearly licensed with Simplicity (use of the character images, etc.), which is why I think it is so funny that McCall's got there first.


  2. FYI–I came across this posting from Andrea Schewe about the design process. You might find it of interest. My apologies if you have alreaduy seen this.


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