Newsflash: Fall/Winter Burda Plus Early Preview Posted

The German website has some preview images up for the Fall/Winter Burda Plus Magazine.  About half of the images look to be reprints from the regular monthly issues, but some of the new photos for this issue look fantastic!

Oh, this dress!  I loves it!  I want something with that neckline.
Do we have any similar patterns in the regular sizes?
The cut of that jacket looks so cool!  And it’s a variation
of a vest re-print (see the pink one below).  So I already own it.
This peplum top/skirt (dress?) has really nice proportions.
We’ve seen similar jackets (ie, I think they’ve redone one of their re-print patterns),
but I think the fabric they used looks really cool.
Hmmm… now where can I find shiny leather?
The model looks… perplexed.  But her peplum jacket/top thingy
looks like it might have some interesting design features.
I want to see a picture where the opening isn’t blocked by milk.
This top and skirt feel very current – more in line with the
offerings we’ve been seeing in the regular magazines lately.
Reprint feature from the December 2012 issue.
This issue also gave us a pink coat similar to the two-tone
black one shown above.
Reprint – I still wish I could look this cool in a giant vest.
Though the belted jacket picture from above might be a good way to go.
Reprint – from the January 2012 issue.
There were a lot of blouse/kimono style tops in that issue.
Because everyone needs a dirndl!

So it looks like… a lot or re-prints.  Of course, maybe they are waiting to show us the new stuff for the full release.  Or it might just be a lot of re-prints.  I really like some of the newer fashion photos though – definitely a good source of inspiration that might cause me to have a look-through at some of the regular sized Burda patterns in my stash.

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