How You Know You’ve Been Spending Too Many Hours at The Rink

I have been ignoring the blog quite a bit lately, mostly due to the fact that work is ramping up right now, most of my sewing is commissions, and I have been spending the rest of my time at the rink.  So much time it is bordering on too much (yet it also feels like not enough – there is just so much to practice).  So, here are a few helpful hints that you might just be spending too much time at the rink…

1. For a week straight, every time you’ve shown up at the rink, you and your coach are wearing matching colors.  Without trying.  Even on days you don’t have a lesson.  Even when you didn’t realize he owned clothing in that color.

2. You know exactly how the floor will feel due to weather conditions immediately after walking out the door.  You subconsciously re-adjust your dance patterns to avoid the boards that will be pulling apart due to last night’s mild rainstorm.

3. You start counting off your figures like poker players count cards.

4. Your olfactory senses no longer register “wet skate boots and foot odor” as a smell, even after first stepping into the rink.

5. 85% of your laundry is skating clothes.  The rest is pajamas, sheets, and towels.

6. When someone wants to change a dance tempo you can skate by and tell them it is “Track 5” without looking at the CD cover or song list.

7. Sequins, rhinestones, and glitter have started showing up in your shoes, your car, and your bed.  You don’t worry until they start showing up in your food.

8. Sometimes you find yourself driving on autopilot to the rink when you meant to go to the grocery store.

9. Your wheels are starting to look like little cones.  You don’t want to put on a new set because it is “too early in the season” and you don’t want to wear out a new set before regionals hits.

10. You start grouping the cash in your wallet into lumps that will be enough to cover the cost of your lessons.

Anyone else spending too much time at the rink?  Let me know in the comments!

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