Newsflash: New Jalie Patterns Announced

Ah, Jalie.  The company that makes patterns for leotards, dance belts, and those jeans.  I use their men’s skating patterns obsessively, and their patterns consistently get positive reviews over on Pattern Review.  They always offer a nice mix of athletic and casual patterns, and the inclusion of 22 sizes in one envelope is always appreciated.  The new releases continue to offer options in areas that are much ignored by the larger pattern companies.

J3356 – A very covered rhythmic gymnast/skating pattern.
I feel like the skirt might be a bit short for skating, but the collar could be quite dramatic.
J3354 – I rather like this asymmetric leotard pattern.
Lots of fun ways to play with fabric combos on this one.
J3349 – I also like this leotard pattern.  The twist front prevents it from being boring,
but the overall look is nice and simple – perfect for practice.
J3350 – A nice swimsuit pattern.  The cross front detail on the teal version is pretty cute.
J3351 – Swim shorts.  Not overly exciting, but practical for summer fun.
J3355 – Sweatpants and sweatshirts.  Perfect pattern for the teenage crowd.
J3353 – A cocoon cardigan.  I’ve seen similar patterns before,
but this style seems to be a useful wardrobe staple.
J3352 – A dolman sleeve top.  Again, pretty basic,
but I expect it could end up being a popular pattern.

And that’s it!  Jalie doesn’t usually have overly large releases, but I appreciate that they usually have a mix of leotards and patterns for every day wear.  I don’t know that there is anything here that I need to run out and buy immediately, but I might add a few of these to my wish list.  What do you all think?  See anything that you would incorporate into your wardrobe?  Or is everything too basic to be of interest?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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