Newsflash: May Burda Early Preview Posted

The German Burda and Russian Burda websites have both posted early preview pictures for the May issue.  May is traditionally “the dress issue,” but I was wondering how they were going to top all of the stellar designs from April.  Well, I guess I need not have worried – there are several photos here that have me swooning!  Even if the rest of the issue is a dud, there is enough in the early preview to keep me happy.  Can’t wait for May!

This dress!!!  I know the color-block thing has been a trend for a while,
but this is the one that might push me over the top and actually inspire me to make something.
Love it.
Loves me a good wide legged trouser.
Bit hard to tell if there is any Burda crotch weirdness happening,
but frankenpatterns are always an option.
I know it is just a pencil skirt, but it is a pretty pencil skirt.
Garment photo inspiration might be more exciting than the actual pattern,
but I still like it.
The use of stripes on this top is divine.
This dress is sort of basic, but so wearable and cute!
Definitely something I would love to have in the closet.
The neckline might be a bit open for me, but the dress is still pretty.
I would definitely be more comfortable in this style.
Love the use of solid bands to break up the print and frame the neck.
Another dress I would file under “cute.”
Again the open neckline might be uncomfortable to me.
Easy knit maxi dress.  Perfect for summer.  Plenty of coverage at the bust.
Will need to see the line drawings – can’t see the top of the dress,
or the details on the jacket very well in this photo.
Another cross over top.  Meh.
The skirt is cute though!  I would totally wear it.
Oversized crop top… meh.
I am assuming the shorts are based on the above trouser pattern?
I see pockets and no weird crotch issues.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t have a back zip.
Another oversized blouse… practical, but kinda boring.
I hope these shorts are a pattern though!
Nice sheath dress for the plus sizes.
Fabric print might be hiding design details at the waist?
Will have to wait for the line drawings.
I think the blouse is cute, or at least very similar to a lot of RTW I have seen lately.
The WTF preview photo – that top looks like it belongs to an interstellar linebacker.

So, what do you all think?  Are we excited?  Or is everything sort of derivative and boring?  Also, is it me, or does it seem like Burda is trying to get more “fashion magazine-y” with their photography?  Some of the photos feel very Burda, but some feel like pictures I would see in a different fashion magazine.  Do we like this direction, or would we rather see clean shots of the garments?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Newsflash: May Burda Early Preview Posted

  1. Love what I have seen! I think most if not all of the photos are listed on p-an-da (sp.?) blog. They have definitely topped the April issue and I love that one. I really like their photography and styling this month as well. Fantastic job Burda, and I hope they keep it up.


  2. A bit off topic for this post … I'm looking for a roller rink recommendation in San Diego. I'd like to learn dance (switching from ice). Any advice appreciated.


  3. Of the rinks in San Diego, the only one that I know of that has any artistic coaches on staff is the Skateworld rink on Linda Vista. The floor is a bit small, but it is lovely. I practiced there one summer when I was working at school and preparing for nationals. Many of the skaters there sometimes carpool up to the larger rinks in Orange County for practices before regionals and nationals so they can lay out their dance patterns on a larger floor. I would suggest calling the rink and seeing when they have classes/practice times available so you try it out. I am not sure if Melinda is still coaching there, but she is a great dance skater and would probably be able to help you quite a bit in your transition from ice.


  4. Thank you for the preview. Some cute designs but too basic for me. I didn't really get excited over anything, except for the fabrics they used – which make the simple designs more interesting . I want the more fashion forward and interesting patterns which would be challenging or time consuming for me to draft myself. But I think I will still buy this issue.


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