Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns Announced

The latest collection from Vogue is here!  Overall I have to say it is a good collection, but maybe not a great one.  There are a lot of patterns here that I like, but there aren’t a ton that I actually want to go out and buy.  I think a lot of the patterns I do like are very similar to patterns I already have in the stash, or I find them interesting, but just not my personal style.  There are a few boring/baggy/sack dress patterns, but overall I think the release has more good stuff than bad.  Let’s take a look:

First up, the dresses:

V1398 – A Mark + James Badgley Mischka pattern.
I like the top, and the scalloped skirt is interesting.
Perhaps a bit sweet for my taste?
I can think of several other bloggers who would own this look though.
V1399 – A Badgley Mischka dress pattern.  Actually I think this is quite clean and chic.
Normally I am not a fan of peplums like this, but here the proportions work.
V1392 – A Kay Unger New York pattern.
I like the off the shoulder neckline, though in my experience,
they are the most practical the wear.  Skirt… meh, but it has pockets!
V1393 – Another Kay Unger pattern.  I really like the contrasting bands,
though I am not sure the seam line details show up well in this lace fabric.
Cute, but I feel like I have seen similar designs before.
V1394 – Rebecca Taylor pattern.  The gathering on this dress is cute,
but nothing sensational.  Not sure how comfortable/practical the button-up back is.
V1395 – Another Rebecca Taylor.  Nice to see a draped dress for wovens.
Again, nothing amazing, but it would be easy to wear during summer.
V1396 – A DKNY pattern.  I actually sort of like this,
but I also know it wouldn’t look good on me.  Hoping someone else is inspired to make it…
V1402 – A Lialia pattern.  Interesting use of the print on the dress,
but the pattern itself isn’t terribly exciting to me.
V1397 – Tracy Reese pattern.  This actually reminds me a lot of
the dress from the October 2012 Burda…
The deep-V back is the most exciting part, I think.
V8998 – A Vogue Easy Options Custom Fit dress.
I wasn’t super excited by the photo…
…but I do like some of the variations on the line drawings.
The cup sizing options don’t hurt either.
V8997 – Another Easy Options pattern.
I wasn’t very excited by the photo of this dress at first either…
But the line drawings won me over again.
Especially for the sheath dresses.  And more cup sizing – yay!
V8995 – The drawing isn’t super inspiring on this Very Easy Vogue pattern.
But imagine it color blocked (and sleeveless) and you have a total winner.
V8993 – Another Very Easy Vogue.
Actually I think this dress is quite cute.
V9001 – Not sure how I feel about where all the
bust seam lines are located on this one…
V8996 – Another Very Easy Vogue.
The basic shape of the dress is quite simple, but it has awesome pocket placement!
V8992 – I feel like this coat dress could be quite cute, especially if styled appropriately.
And the long-sleeved version could probably be re-worked into a coat if one was so inclined.

There were also some awesome non-dress patterns too:

V8991 – A Claire Shaeffer Custom Couture pattern.
Might have to get this one just for the instructions and the sleeves.
V9009 – I like the line drawings of this jacket pattern, but I don’t know
if I like it more than other patterns I have in the stash.  The collar is interesting though.
V9013 – A Very Easy Vogue pattern.  I like the skirt, and I like the jacket,
but I don’t know if I would like how this translates in real life.
Might have to wait and see if anyone else makes up the jacket in this pattern before I invest in it.
V9016 – An Elizabeth Gillett NYC pattern.  Love this little shrug!  So cute!
This slightly edgier version isn’t too bad either.
And I know exactly what I would wear it with.  Might have to add this to the stash…
V9005 – A draped tank top for knits.  In theory it is pretty,
but I feel I might get annoyed wearing it.  I am sure 20 million versions will pop
up on the blog-o-sphere and I will be proven wrong though…
And I think the other versions look quite voluminous.
V9003 – I think the peplum is just a bit too full on this top.
The collar on he neck looks a bit small too…
V9004 – Color blocked blouse.  Not sure I am loving it.
Mismatched neck seam – cool or sloppy looking?
(I do like the more basic view A – but I feel I could draft it myself using a stash tank top pattern.)
V9002 – I could see this simple top with flutter sleeves becoming quite popular.
Not sure I really love it myself, but it seems like simple tops are all the rage on Pattern Review lately.
V9006 – A Cowl neck for wovens.  Usually we see this sort of thing for knits,
but I am still not particularly excited by this pattern for some reason.
V9008 – These shorts actually aren’t too bad!
Actually there are some nice variations in style and length,
while still having classic lines and the sorts of details you would want in a pair of shorts.
V9015 – A lingerie/sleepwear set pattern.
Actually, I love how the belt is attached to the robes!
And I like the slip variations too.

A few new Vintage Vogue patterns:

V9000 – This shirt dress is fine, but not the most exciting vintage reprint ever.
V8999 – This dress looks deceptively basic in the photo…
…but actually consists of a million seams!

It wasn’t all good – Vogue also had quite a few baggy, shapeless, sack-dress looks this time around:

V1401 – A KOOS Couture pattern.  It’s just… so… big.
V1400 – A Guy Laroche pattern.
Normally I am a fan of the Guy Laroche pattern, but without the belt, this is just…
A large baggy sack.  Boring.
V1390 – A Today’s Fit pattern.
Again, this is just sort of shapeless looking on the model.
V1391 – Another Today’s Fit.  Not exactly baggy, but not exactly exciting, either.
V8994 – Two words: Potato Sack.
V9010 – The tunic top is just so big!
The pants aren’t bad, but what is the sudden fascination with zip-back pants?
V9012 – Ok, I feel like I would wear the top, and I would wear the pants,
but I would never wear them together.  Too much volume all at once!
And again with the zip-back pants!
Shouldn’t be too hard to change to a side-zip though…

So, what do you all think?  Does this pattern set have some hits?  Or is it a total snooze-fest?  I feel like a lot of these patterns have the potential to be cute, but also might have the potential to end up in the Frumpy Ghetto of Waddersville.  There are a lot of styles here I like, but wouldn’t wear, and others that I would wear, but probably don’t need, as they would replicate pre-stashed patterns.  It is making it quite difficult to decide which patterns I would actually want to add to the stash, if any.  Anyone else having these sorts of conundrums?  Is it a sign that my stash is getting too full?  Feel free to discuss the pattern release and your stash dilemmas in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns Announced

  1. I don't make many dresses so it was hard for me to get excited about this release. I really like 8997 though. The version on the model is quite cute (summer weddings?)

    9001 is cute if you are not busty. At all. Like, at all.

    I don't like that view of 9006 but the other views are pretty nice. That might be the only one I buy.

    Uneven neckline? Sloppy.

    And the Guy Laroche is a sack with slits and cut outs everywhere and just…no.


  2. Wow, I'm really psyched about this release! There's a lot of interesting options – and new lingerie!! I think my tentative favorites are the second Badgely Mischka dress, the V9001 (yes, the bust seam would have to be considered), the shrug and the drapey tee.


  3. I like the white Badgely Mischka peplum dress but I do feel like I have seen or already have almost everything else. Maybe I will change my mind when I see versions popping up on blogs….


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