Burda Style Collection Kit, or, Why I Love the Magazines

So I recently got an email from Burda Style about a new “Pattern Collection Kit,” which is essentially a set of patterns from a magazine section sold as a bundle of downloads.  The most recent email contained some of the fantastic patterns from the 2013 March issue.

My email looked a bit like this…

Normally I ignore when Burda is trying to sell me pattern downloads (since I get stuff from the magazine subscriptions), but I was interested to see what a “Pattern Collection Kit” was (and, yes, I know these have been coming for a while, I just haven’t been paying attention).  Looking at the price for the kit ($24.99), you actually get a substantial savings when compared to buying the patterns individually ($5.99 each, or $65.89 for 11 patterns), but I was thinking about it, and I realize I pay less than $10 for the entire magazine.  And I actually get to enjoy the pictures in the magazine in addition to having all the patterns and instructions.  I mean, I can understand that postage isn’t the same for everyone, and I know some people can’t stand the tracing, but for my money, the printed magazine is where it is at.  Even if I get a lot of boring/weird/children’s patterns, I am still paying less for the patterns I do want, and I often find I use patterns I initially dismissed and would never have bought had they not been included in the magazine.  I mean, I do think it is good that Burda has the patterns available as a download option (especially for people who may have missed out on a particular issue), but I just can’t see the economic sense in buying download pattern over the full magazine subscription.

What do you all think?  Does it make more sense to buy just a few patterns from Burda on an individual basis?  Or wait for these pattern bundles?  Or should you just go with the magazine subscription, even if every month’s patterns are something of a crap-shoot as far as usefulness and cleaver designs go?  What are you pattern preferences and why?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Burda Style Collection Kit, or, Why I Love the Magazines

  1. I cannot bring myself to buy a single pattern for $6. I don't subscribe and have been picking up individual issues from people for $10-14. I have since learned that I can order from GLP before the issue is released for $10 including shipping.

    I think the bundles can be a cool idea…I would just rather grab an issue or not. I mean at regular price, liking two patterns makes ordering worthwhile. Liking 4 (looking at the bundle price) makes ordering an entire mag worthwhile.

    I'd rather trace from burda than print, tape and trace a pdf.


  2. I totally don't get buying buying their patterns on pdf. But, what I've noticed is a lot of people don't seem to understand that there's an international Burda magazine. Every month there are comments about how they've already seen “these patterns” and they don't understand that the patterns are from a magazine that shows the patterns made up in different styles. It's incredibly mystifying to me.
    With the exception of Meg, the current Burda US team is pretty absent. They don't answer questions in either the forum or in the comments sections- especially comments regarding when people are going to get their copies of Burda's US edition. When and if they answer, they pass them along to some other department.
    My greatest fear is that Burda will discontinue the international english version and push their patterns via pdf.


  3. I'm glad they're doing this but it won't replace the subscription for me. But if I didn't subscribe this would be a great way to get the good issues. The mag is great value for money and I don't mind the tracing.


  4. To be fair, the US Burda website is like, the least helpful thing ever when it comes to advertising the international magazine/GLP subscription site. Took me ages to figure out where and how to get the magazine when I first found out about it through other sewing blogs.

    And I agree on your other points. I have seen the US version in Barnes & Noble and other stores. I get what they are trying to do (make it like a combo of Threads and regular Burda mag), but I would rather just get the patterns/fashion photos. My biggest fear is they will stop the international English magazine. The one thing that reassures me is that the US is not the only English speaking country on the planet. Honestly, at that point I would just order it in another language if it came to it. I hope it doesn't, but, well, I only bother with printing PDF patterns if I have no other choice. And I would think really carefully before buying at a $6 price tag.


  5. I look forward to getting my magazine every month so I will continue it until I run out of storage space LOL. I think of it as my 'fashion' magazine, the patterns are a bonus.

    I think it's great that they offer different options. Just like I don't want to bother with PDF files, some may not want to be bothered with the clutter of magazines and deciphering those roadmaps.


  6. In Russia I bought magazines in shops, they cost 3 dollars. In Canada they cost 12 (like 2 patterns%). Sometimes like only one or 2 patterns and think I will sew them, in this case to buy downloaded one can be good option. Really I have big collection of magazines so maybe I don't need any new one, but it is impossible not to buy%)))


  7. I don't have a subscription but local newsagents always have the magazine (although we do receive it 2 to 3 weeks after release)… I have bought every magazine for the last 6 years, even when sometimes there isn't a single pattern I particularly like… but I agree with you that some patterns eventually grow on you… I would never buy the pdf pattern cause after taping all the pieces I still trace them (mad, I know!) so might as well trace from the magazine 😉


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