Newsflash: Burda Easy Spring/Summer 2014 Full Preview Posted

The Russian Burda website now has a full preview for the Spring/Summer 2014 Burda Easy!  (Bonus: They also have the early preview of the Burda Knitting Magazine.  I am not a knitter, so I won’t be doing a review, but you guys can check out the pictures if you want – there is a knit dress that looks kinda cool…).  Looks like Burda showed us most of the good stuff in the early preview – which is probably just as well because it convinced me to order the magazine already.  There are patterns I really like, and others I could live without, but overall the good outweigh the bad for me in this issue.  Let’s take a look:

This jacket!  LOVE it!  Sold me on this issue.
Raglan sleeves and all…  Fun!
This sweatshirt version is cute too!
I am also sort of obsessing over this top…
Here is a look at the back…
Elastic variation for the hem.
Also rather like the dresses in this issue for the most part.
Might leave off the stomacher ruffle button cover thing.
The back looks interesting though!
And I think this version with the cap sleeves is super cute!
Wouldn’t be too hard to change out the skirt either, if necessary.
Love this variation too!  Perfect for summer.
Lots of versions of this pleated skirt show up in this issue.
Actually I like the interesting flap at the waistband on this style.
I think I like this better as the bottom part of the dress, rather than as a separate skirt.
Not sure how I feel about the ruffle, but I do rather like the buttons on the side of the skirt!
Might steal the top, lengthen the bottom, and have a bit more of a vintage/retro flare.
This top could be super cute for summer!
These pants look pretty nice, but actually have an elastic waistband!
Much easier to fit than a traditional waistband.
Not sure how I feel about the lack of a fly front.
Many variations of these shorts show up in this issue as well.
Like the pants, but, well, short.
Not a fan of the over-sized nature of this blouse.
I do like the raglan sleeves though…
Franken-patterning may be in order here.
I haven’t ever been a fan of play-suits,
but as they go, this one isn’t too bad.
Actually, I might just use the top part to make a shirt and ignore the zipper completely.
Not a fan of this version of the play-suit.
The placement of the waist-tie in the photo is throwing me off a bit, I think.
Not really loving this version of the jumpsuit either.
I think the jacket-top and full pants are just too covered, or something.
And this jumper/dress/thing is just a bit… crazy.
Not really digging this at all.

Overall, I have to say my pick for the top pattern of the magazine is totally the raglan bomber jacket:

Yes.  Want.  Now. (Please.)

And I think the Burda crazy is most evident in the sci-fi silver dress thing:

What?  I mean, it doesn’t even cover her sides at all…

So, what do you all think?  Are you digging the Burda Easy?  Since most of the designs are variations on only a few patterns, do you think it is worth it to purchase the magazine?  Or do the designs and lack of variation leave you board with these issues?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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