Newsflash: New Butterick Spring Patterns Announced

The latest patterns from Butterick have been announced.  I have to say that the Retro and designer patterns are fairly interesting this time around – I am swooning over a few of the Retro looks, for sure – but the rest of the designs are pretty boring.  Let’s take a peak:

First, the fun Butterick Retro designs and the designer patterns:

B6022 – A Retro Butterick pattern.
I LOVE this gown.  Sooooo pretty!
Makes me think of Disney Princesses…
B6018 – Another Retro pattern.
I think this dress is super cute!  I would totally wear this.
B6019 – A Gertie Pattern.
Very pretty – would be great for attending an outdoor wedding.
The other B6019 view – I really like this slightly more casual view too!
The bust detail is my favorite part – I wonder if you could do this in a contrast color?
B6031 – Another Gertie Pattern.
This pattern includes a slip, two cami tops, and some panties.
I think the slip is pretty cute.
B6020 – An ivy + blu pattern.
I actually really like the contrast yoke,
and I think the design looks really pretty in the chiffon.
B6021 – Another ivy + blu pattern.
This maxi dress looks like it would be nice and light to wear during hot summer days.
B6026 – The radiating darts are really interesting on this kAthRine Tilton pattern.
B6028 – kAtheRine Tilton pants.
Elastic back waist means easy fitting, and pockets are always nice.

As far as the rest of the patterns go, well, they have some dresses for spring, but I wasn’t overly excited by the styles:

B6016 – The front of this dress is quite plain,
but the bow and pleat on the back are a rather sweet detail.
B6015 – This would be a very wearable dress for spring, but,
well, I am not overly excited by the style.
B6032 – I actually sort of like the silhouette of this dress.
It comes in Butterick’s regular and plus sizes.
B6033 – A Connie Crawford pattern.
It is fine, but I feel like we have seen a lot of color blocked dresses like this lately.
B6014 – A casual peplum style dress.
Another dress that is fine, but doesn’t leave me overly excited.
B6008 – A See & Sew pattern.
Button detail is nice, but I don’t know how I feel about it with the belt.
B6007 – A See & Sew pattern.  Meh.
B6006 – The neckline of this See & Sew pattern is sort of interesting.
B6025 – A pattern from The Cut Line.
The peplum top isn’t too bad, and the pattern also includes a dress variation.
B6009 – Not sure how I feel about the proportions of this See & Sew pattern.
Has a bit of a maternity feel to it…
B6029 – Another pattern from The Cut Line.
Feels a bit boxy and overwhelming to me.
B6010 – Another See & Sew pattern.
It feels like jumpsuits took the bloging world by storm a few years back.
Still not sure I am really interested in making one, but this one looks pretty basic.
B6030 – A Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern.
It includes a top, jacket, skirt, and pants.
I feel like the jacket looks pretty nice in a darker color.
Not sure how appropriate that top would be for work,
especially if it was getting warm and the jacket needed to come off.

There were also a lot of doll patterns this time around:

B6001 – A Retro doll’s pattern.  So cute!
B6000 – More Retro doll’s clothes.
B6035 – This doll’s pattern includes a hoop skirt!
I am always a sucker for historical costumes…
B6034 – A Rachel Wallis pattern.
Anybody out there interested in making your own cast of Downton Abbey?

And that’s about it.  So, what do you all think?  Is anyone else swooning over the Retro patterns?  And how are you all feeling about the regular releases – are you all as board as I am, or do you see a dress you can’t live without?  Anyone actually interested in the Downton dolls?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Butterick Spring Patterns Announced

  1. Would like to point out that the see & sew patterns are re-releases of old patterns.

    I love lots of the new releases and will be at JoAnn this weekend for the Butterick sale!


  2. Nice but I'm not sure there are any must have patterns here for me. I like a lot of them, but feel like I could get the same out of patterns already in my stash/Burdastyle collection (ie: Bombshell dress for the Gertie dress, very similar jumpsuit as a Burda one, etc.) At first I was excited for the lingerie, but taking a look at the cami version (lighter color so you can see the lines better) the bust darts come up over the apex of the bust. This strikes me as just not good and something I probably wouldn't like on me, even if it is an intentional design feature. Maybe I've just reached the saturation point in my pattern collection.


  3. That's how I feel. I am definitely going for the Retro designs, but probably not much more than that. I have a lot of slip patterns already (from Burda and Vogue), so I don't really need another. Just need to make the ones I already own.


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