Newsflash: February Burda Preview Posted

Burda Style Russia has posted the full preview of the February issue.  Based on first impressions I wasn’t overly excited for this issue.  Now that the full preview is here, I have to say my opinion has totally changed.  I mean, yes, there are a lot of potato sack (and I mean literal burlap potato sack) dresses, but there are also a lot of pieces with some lovely subtle details.  The color palate for this issue is quite muted, which I don’t think helped much with my initial impressions, but being able to see close up pictures of the garments and the line drawings has completely revered my opinion for this month.

I think most of the jackets in this issue were real knock-outs:

I love this really classic blazer.
(I also really love the fabric Burda used.  Check out the pattern match on the pockets!)
This jacket feels like a very modern taken on the Little French Jacket.
Not sure how I feel about the sleeves or pocket placement…
…but this more streamlined version might be right up my ally!
Oooh – check out the in-seam pockets!
And just imagine those shoulder caps done in a lovely supple leather…
I am also really liking this more casual style jacket.
Must find the perfect fabric to make this…
The collar and shoulder detail are fantastic.
I already have so many good trench patterns…
…but I really like the proportion of the collar, and the back pleats are interesting.

Aside from the jackets, there were quite a few other pieces I found myself liking as well:

I really like the silhouette of this dress – very classic.
The self-belt is a nice way to define the waist.
Not sure how I feel about the large buttons…
they seem a bit heavy for the rest of the dress.
This dress is quite basic, but it seems
like a nice pattern to use with a print.
This dress looks a bit sack-like in the garment photo…
…but I like the gathering on the back in the line drawing…
…and it doesn’t look too bad on the model.
I might make this as a top and not as dress though.
I love the detailing on the top of this skirt!
Though the plain version might me more versatile in a wardrobe.
I am also really liking the shape on this skirt…
And this one would be great in denim as well as this classier fabric.
(Also – check out the pattern matching again!)
I actually really like this mixed denim skirt –
perfect for leftover scraps from jeans making!
Zipper in the front?  Convenient, I guess.
But it just seems a bit… odd.
Yet another skinny print pant from Burda.
I am still debating if I want to jump in on this trend…
Ok, this top has a bit of a princess vibe, yet I find myself really liking it.
This top – I LOVE it!  I think the neck drape is just lovely.
I predict this will be the most popular pattern from this issue on Pattern Review…
I wasn’t totally sure how I felt about this oddly draped top…
I feel like it is Burda’s response to the popularity of the Drape Drape books…
I can’t decide if it looks sloppy…
…or cool?
I might have to make one just to see how the pattern works.
Ok, normally I am not excited by a sack dress,
but the stripe matching on the sleeves is quite well done here.
Ok, so this is probably made from the most boring fabric ever…
But the seam lines (minus the pockets) have some potential I think.

Even the Burda Plus section is chock full of goodies:

This coat is so classy!
I love the collar and the pockets…
It would be a great wardrobe addition…
Not sure if I really like the colors Burda chose,
but the color blocking design on this dress is very interesting.
The simple slit adds a bit of interest to this basic skirt.
This top is quite simple, but could be a good wardrobe addition.
I wasn’t such a fan of this garment photo (totally frayed!)…
…but it looks so good on the model!
Perhaps there is some potential here yet.
And these pants!
I NEED to make these pants!
Yup… this is definitely a possible jeans pattern for me.
Grading down a size or two?  Worth it.

Of course, it’s Burda, so not everything was totally fantastic:

This jacket isn’t bad from the front…
…but it look like she put on her maternity top backwards from the side.
Who wants a mini skirt?
Like, beyond micro mini.  Nano mini at the least.
Once she starts walking it might shift up to a femto mini.
Is the lack of fabric on that skirt scarring you?
Then you can use the rest of the bolt to make these pants!
Knit dust ruffle crop top anyone?
Or clown collars?
Who wants a dust ruffle sack dress?
Or a jersey sack dress?
Or a sack dress made of an actual sack?

And that’s about it.  Which means it is time to pick the best and worst for this issue.  Which was a bit difficult for me this time around.  I had a bit of a time choosing between something that would be a popular, easy to sew, yet elegant pattern, or something that was full of lovely modern details.  Especially when the way Burda styles them has me leaning one way, yet the way I can envision the pattern in my head has me leaning the other.  But, in the end I think I have to give Best of BS February 2014 to:

Classy draped collar shirt!

It really is the model photos that pushes this one over the top for me.  It looks so elegant and classy, yet relaxed in this photo.  I love it with this skirt, but it could just as easily pair with some leggings or skinny jeans.  And adding just a bit of length could create such an elegant LBD.  I think the versatility of this top makes it the winner for the month.

I do have to give a shout out to my runner-up pattern though:

Modern peplum jacket!

I loved this pattern too!  I wasn’t such a fan of the fabric Burda used (it really hides all of the lovely details), but I could see this done up in a lovely colorful wool with some leather on the sleeve caps – it could be a real stunner!

Ok, enough with the gushing.  Time to pick the worst pattern from February.  With such a mound of sack dresses, which to choose?  I think it should be pretty obvious that my pick for BWTF February 2014 is:

The sack that looks like a sack!

I mean, seriously?  I think this definitively proves that when people say “She would look good in a burlap sack” they are utterly and completely wrong.  Nobody looks good in a burlap sack.  Ever.

And there we have it!  What do you all think?  See anything here that gets you excited?  Or do the basic silhouettes and drab colors lose your interest?  Do you have a favorite pattern for the month?  Or are we ready to skip ahead to March?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Newsflash: February Burda Preview Posted

  1. It's a pretty good month when the worst is a boring sack dress! I don't even really hate it. Honestly, I feel like my sewing plans may have just flown out the window. I'm LOVING the modern French jacket (no patch pockets please). And the princess top would be awesome with a matching skirt or skinny pants as a suit alternative. And the bootleg/bell bottom jeans rock – it's a great silhouette.


  2. Awesome! can't wait to get it in my mailbox. I have to have those pants too! And some of the skirts for sure. I also liked the dresses you posted too. Looks like a great issue


  3. I can't wait to get this. February issues have always been good issues for me. It looks like this one is going to have several things I'm going to want to make.


  4. I got the February issue last week (I live in Germany) and it is great! I already have plans for the denim skirt, the pinkish skirt with the waist detail and the dress with the self belt. And there are a few other pieces that I will definitely go back too. Funnily enought I don't even hate the sack dresses (just the sack trousers are horrid I think). I agree with you on the Burda answer to drape drape. I have deliberated for a week and still don't know if I like it or not. It seems really short on the undraped side so all the muffin top might show… Not a good look in my case. But I am still curious. I might just see if I find some unloved fabric in my stash to give it a try.


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