End of the Year Fabric Buys

This was my last fabric haul of the year.  I was being pretty good about not buying more fabric, until I had to go to the local independent fabric shop to pick up a few things for some upcoming skating costumes and ended up coming home with a lot of things for myself as well…

Discount sparkles!  I am used to seeing sequin fabric at $20/yard, but at $4/yard?
I had to get some…  I can’t seem to resist the sparkles.
A bit more practical…
teal striped knit, some black poly lining, and some striped poly suiting.
Flannel fun!  The white is for interlining a coat, and the stripes and monkeys are for PJs.
These are already cut (and mostly sewn at the time of writing),
so they don’t really count as “stash” right?  Right?
Normally I can avoid the quilting cottons.
But the discounts in the flat fold section of the store got me.
The prints on the left will be used for jeans pockets and such.
The Green Lanterns have already been used… stay tuned to see what I made!
Even my mom found something!
Not sure what I will do with it yet…

So, yes.  The stash grew a little bit at the end of 2013.  But about half of these fabric have been cut and sewn so far, so maybe it isn’t quite as bad as it seems.  In any case, I have a lot of sewing plans for the upcoming year, and I can say that I am quite happy to have a lot of stash to sew from.  I hope everyone is starting off a happy and fabric filled new year!

2 thoughts on “End of the Year Fabric Buys

  1. You lucky thing ~ these fabrics will be just gorgeous to sew with, and I am also a sparkles fan! And extra smart thinking to use the fats as pockets ~ I am actually pinching that idea and using it this year … J


  2. Oh man my fabric stash grows more giant every day. I bought a mint green chiffon 3 years ago that is so pretty I'll never find a pattern worthy of cutting it! I fear your grey poly suiting would suffer the same fate in my house.


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