Sewing Plans 2014: Fantasy Sewing

Two years ago was the year of my Tim Gunn inspired wardrobe challenge.  This past year I was supposed to be continuing that and making myself some seasonally appropriate clothing.  Well, this past year didn’t quite work out the way I wanted – I spent a large part of the beginning of the year sick and none too enthused by the prospect of sewing.  Then I got skating costume orders.  And more orders.  And more.  I usually make about 4-6 skating costumes a year for myself; this past year I made 45 skating costumes in total.  Yeah, that’s a lot.  And most of it wasn’t for me.  Which totally de-railed my year-long sewing plans.  After nationals was over and I could get back to a little selfish sewing, I wasn’t really excited by the prospect of conforming to my year long challenge, especially since I had bypassed two whole seasons.  So I started sewing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  And my productivity went way, way up.

This year I don’t want to have an official sewing challenge – I expect to spend a large portion of my year doing costumes again – but I do want to have something of a theme.  The past few years I have been trying to create wardrobe basics.  Which is a practical idea, but not something that always gets me excited to be in the sewing room.  And I always seem to be most productive when I deviate from my wardrobe plans because I get excited about whatever random project diverted my attention.  And I have so many planned projects I want to make that, flighty mojo aside, it just doesn’t make sense to be not excited about sewing.  With that in mind, I have decided to declare 2014 the Year of Fantasy Sewing.

I am sure we all have those projects we have been dreaming about making every time we enter the sewing room.  Those special fabrics that we cherish in our stash.  Those pieces that define how we would want to dress, given the opportunity.  My goal for this year is to focus on those fantasy projects – to create special pieces I have been wanting to make for quite some time.  This doesn’t necessarily mean I am going to be spinning out evening gowns for a year (though it might be fun to make one!), but rather that I am going to focus on making items for my dream wardrobe.

Here are some things I am considering…

(1) Variations on a Trench

I have a lot plans for trench coats, and I love this classic trench style.  I already have a lot of fabrics and patterns stashed in preparation for these projects as well.  I just need to make them to incorporate into my actual wardrobe.

(2) The Coat Pattern I Have Been Obsessing Over

I love this Burda coat pattern.  I even have the perfect wool in my stash.  My plans for this coat include full couture tailoring techniques.  Definitely something I want to try to get to this year!

(3) A Fancy Evening Coat

Not entirely sure which pattern I will go with as of yet, or which stash fabric, but I would love to make a fancy coat out of a lovely brocade.  Definitely won’t be something for a trip to the grocery store.

(4) A Boucle Jacket for Spring

I have been wanting a three quarter length sleeve jacket for a while now.  If I can get one of these done in time for spring that would be a bonus.

(5) Another Unique Jacket

Can’t decide if I want to go for a more tailored suiting style jacket, or a more casual look, but I have a lot of ideas and plans.  Also lots of stash fabric.  Need to use more stash fabric.

(6) Wool Coat

These are just a few options.  Honestly, I have a lot of wool in the stash, and I have a lot of patterns in the stash.  Time to start using some of it.

(7) Fancy Party Dress

I have so many pretty dress patterns.  Maybe not a lot of occasions to wear them, but I would still like to have at least one or two options in my closet in case I want to wear something other than a little black dress.  Besides, this is my Fantasy Sewing list.  We should all be a bit surprised it doesn’t consist entirely of pretty dresses.

(8) Classy Sheath Dress

I would also like to make a sheath dress in more work-appropriate fabrics.  Maybe in a houndstooth or plaid?

(9) Jeans/Casual Pants

I really want to try my hand at jeans!  I have a few good pattern options, and some fabric in the stash.  Just need to get down to making them.

(11) Classic Trousers

I totally have a thing for wide-legged trousers, can you tell?  I would love to get one of these developed into a TNT pattern.  I am in desperate need of navy, grey, and black pants.  I think it is just a matter of deciding what will look best on me, and which fabric will work well.

(12) Skirt With Interesting Details

I want to make a skirt, but not a boring skirt.  I love all of the details on these, and I would really like to make at least one of them.

(13) Pretty Blouse

I have really been wanting some sort of silky woven blouse to wear under jackets or with pants and skirts.  I would like something really feminine and pretty.

(14) Vest

I have recently been wanting a vest really badly.  Either of these could work well (though maybe no ruffles on the sleeves of the first one).

(15) Fancy Sleep Wear

Ok, I know I have been making fun of the pattern companies and their massive onslaught of pj patterns.  And I do need to make pj pants.  But I would also love to make some sort of fancy elegant sleepwear like a silk bathrobe or a fancy silk slip.  Decadent, to be sure, but this is the year of the fantasy wardrobe!

So, yeah, that is a lot.  But I don’t plant to make every pattern I listed, so it should be a bit more manageable.  I will try to pick projects from these categories to work on creating my ultimate dream wardrobe, but I won’t have any set timetables, deadlines, or restrictions.  I seem to work much better when I can follow my whims rather than working on a schedule.  It isn’t really a detailed plan so much as a year-long guideline of things I want to sew.

So – anyone want to join me on my quest to create the wardrobe of their dreams?  Who else wants to completely ignore the production of wardrobe staples in favor of creating fantastic, detailed, and unique pieces?  What are your sewing plans for the coming year?  Feel free to chime in with your sewing plans and what you would pick for your fantasy projects in the comments.

Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Sewing Plans 2014: Fantasy Sewing

  1. Love the idea. Like you, most of my sewing this year has been for others and performance costumes. My Tim Gunn SA went by the wayside a long time ago. I even tried to do Lori's basic wardrobe sewalong. On the one hand it's boring but on the other hand having those basic pieces would help me get dressed easier in the morning and for most occasions. Their are times when I really do need a white shirt/blouse. So for 2014 I'd like to sew a basic wardrobe with several fantasy pieces thrown in. And did I mention everything will be sewn from my stash?


  2. Love so much from this items. I am also in love with almost all those trench/coats patterns. I want so much to see that My image coat sewn up , I could not find any on the internet.Also those skirts, long time on my list also. Good luck with everything and a happy new year!


  3. I wish I had half your productivity! Loving some of those coat patterns. If you're making a fancy dress for a party have you considered another maxi as well as the shorter lengths? The one you made last year looked fab.


  4. I guess I picked mostly short dresses because I already have fabric for some of them, but I would be interested in making a full length gown if I find the time for it. I definitely have enough patterns to pick from!


  5. I love the coats and the third sheath dress! Also the waistcoats – what a great project for some small amount of special fabric! Good luck and can't wait to see what you make this year!



  6. Thanks for your postings–I love reading your stuff! Can you tell me what issue had the Patalone Ancho? Those are so cool (and the shorts, too). I'd love to know so I can source a copy of that issue for my little self…thanks!


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