A Year in Review: Burda Style Magazine 2013

We all know I have a thing for Burda Style Magazine.  I have been choosing what I think are the best and worst patterns each month, and finally it is time for the ultimate showdown – choosing the best and worst patterns and magazines of the entire year!

First, if you want to look at my in-depth monthly recaps you can read them all here:


Here is a look at the top pattern picks for the year:

January: Sexy Sheath Dress
February: Designer Exclusive Dress
March: Biker Jacket with Topstitch Details
April: Lacey Ruched Dress
May: Tropical Maxi Dress
June: Slinky Cowl Neck Dress
July: Burda Plus Draped Dress
August: Modern Blue Coat
September: Twist Front Knit Dress
October: Pleat Front Knit Dress
November: Large Collar Biker Jacket
December: Emerald Draped Top

And here were the patterns on the bottom:

January: Dirty Rug Fuzzy Vest
February: Popped Pink Bubblegum Dress
March: Poor Mobility Parka
April: Patch Pocket Sack Dress
May: Quilting Cotton Playsuit
June: See Through Mesh Mini Dress
July: Intergalactic Waitress Dress
August: Downton Abbey/Star Trek Mashup Shirt
September: Flower Power Jumbo Vest
October: Constricting Poncho of Craziness
November: Short Swing Jacket
December: Pinecone Peplum Skirt

Best Patterns of 2013

Honorable Mention:

BS-02-2013-115 – Twist Top Maxi Dress

Like last year I have an honorable mention – this year it is the twist top maxi dress from the February Burda.  Every version I have seen of this dress is amazing.  I even made one myself – and it has caused me to reverse my thoughts about (well, dislike of) maxi dresses.  The only reason this didn’t make it on the official best of list is because February was a very strong issue and contained that stunning designer pattern dress.

Second Runner Up:


This dress is simple, chic, and stylish.  It has enough detail to be interesting, but not so much as to be overwhelming.  The design is great and very on trend for fall.  Definitely one of the top patterns of the year.

First Runner Up:


Another chic and on-trend look.  The collar adds a wow factor, and the seaming of the jacket would make it easy to adjust for fit.  Fantastic pattern.

Best of BS 2013:


This dress is divine!  This is possibly one of the best designer patterns the magazine has ever had.  Simple and elegant, with just enough detail to avoid being boring, this dress is a total win.

Worst Patterns of 2013:

Second Runner Up:


The crazy multi-colored fringed poncho has no appeal – aesthetically or functionally.  The fabrication is a bit odd, and arm mobility would be completely stifled by this design.  Definitely a total head scratcher of a pattern.

First Runner Up:


The mix of eyelet cottons and lace with the style lines of a Star Trek uniform makes no sense.  From the strong design lines and buttons of rank on the shoulder to the baby pink color choice, this tunic leaves me totally confused.  Definitely one of the craziest patterns of the year.

BWTF Award 2013:


Speaking of space-saga crazy – this dress from the July issue takes the cake.  There isn’t anything redeeming about this dress.  The style and color make it look like a uniform from a futuristic diner.  There is nothing flattering about the cut or style.  I shake my head every time I see it.  Definitely the worst pattern of the year.

Worst Magazines of 2013:

While there were a few great issues this year, it also seemed that there were more duds than usual.  It made picking the bottom issues rather difficult.

Second Runner Up:


What a bunch of boring.  Even my top pick for the month was pretty snooze-worthy.  The rest of the looks were all pretty basic.  For me this was one of the most forgettable issues of the entire year, and it is one of those magazines that will probably spend a lot of time sitting unused on the shelf.  There always seem to be several copies up for sale on Ebay, so I don’t think I am alone in being underwhelmed with this month’s issue.

First Runner Up:


The typical summer issue full of beach cover ups and boring baggy dresses.  A few cute tops aren’t enough to save the asymmetrical bust darts, circus tent dresses, and frumpy frocks that permeate this issue.  The bad is just so bad there is no saving it.  The fact that there are a few decently usable patterns is the only thing saving this issue from being at the bottom of the heap.

Worst Issue of 2013:


Boxy boring cuts on all the patterns make this issue a total snooze.  All of the patterns looked similar, and none of them are particularly exciting.  A large selection of so-so costume patterns doesn’t add a lot of value to this issue either.  Well, maybe the Very Hungry Caterpillar adds a little entertainment value.  And though the worst patterns aren’t quite as bad as the worst patterns from July, the total lack of any really exciting patterns makes this issue the least likely to see any use of any of the magazines published this year.  Boring, dull, and a little wacky, January was definitely the worst issue of the year.

Best Magazines of 2013:

It seemed like this year gave us either dreadful issues or fantastic ones.  There was a definitive split between my top and bottom issues, though it was a bit more difficult to decide the order of my top picks.  The good issues were really good, and I am sure will be great additions to my pattern collection for years to come.

Second Runner Up:


The November issue was definitely the premier issue for the fall/winter patterns this year.  The variety of styles meant there was something for everyone, and the mix of tops, bottoms, dresses, and jackets provided a lot of options for updating your winter wardrobe.  There was a nice mix of fashion forward and classic, and also a nice mix of easy to sew and complex and detailed patterns.  The variety and interest of the patterns make this a worthwhile addition to any Burda collection.

First Runner Up:


Pretty spring dresses, the lovely lace cardigan, and the awesome biker jacket make this issue something of a standout.  The styling of the models felt very “now,” and I saw a lot of similar looks in stores after this magazine came out.  I have already traced and made several patterns from this issue, and I have plans to make several more.  It has a ton of great looks for spring, but many of the patterns could be useful year-round depending on fabric selection.  It seems like I find something new I want to make every time I look through this issue.  Definitely one of the year’s best.

Best Magazine of 2013:


Though November and March were fantastic issue, I think February beats them out for the top spot.  It had a fantastic mix of easy knit tops, classic jackets and pants, and some lovely wedding looks in the Plus section.  A knockout of a designer pattern is the cherry on top of the rest of the fantastic designs from this issue.  Lots of great wardrobe basics as well as a few standout looks – February is definitely the best issue from Burda this year.

So, tell me – what are your favorite issues from the year?  Your top pattern picks?  Did I miss anything really fabulous?  Are you looking forward to another year of Burda?  Or did all the duds this year quash your enthusiasm for the magazine?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “A Year in Review: Burda Style Magazine 2013

  1. Great round up! November hasn't reached the shops here in NZ yet (as one of our poets has put it, 'I live on the edge of the universe, like everybody else') so I'll look to buy it. Your other three 'best mags ' are, as it happens, the only 3 I've bought this year. Thanks for the great reviewsyou do – I love them. Plus I get to see what'll be here in three months πŸ™‚


  2. I would also like to thank you for the monthly review, it really make me laugh, and I enjoy your coat obsessions πŸ™‚ I haven't made much burda this year because my sewing time has been pretty limited & I can rarely be bothered to trace. But some of your top picks are definitely on my list, & I specially love June's slinky cowl neck dress.


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