November Fabric Buys

There are always awesome sales in November, especially around Black Friday, and my stash sort of accidentally grew because of them…

From Fashion Fabrics Club: Black/Green Teal ITY Knits (destined to be wrap dresses),
and a houndstooth double knit.  The double knit is NASTY fabric, even after washing.
But, it was cheap.  So it is headed for the muslin box.
From Fabric Mart: black ITY and a few super sale suitings.
Plus free buttons!
JoAnn Fabrics Black Friday splurges: Black Metallic Sweater Knit, Black Wool Blend,
Purple/Silver Boucle Blend, White/Blue Stripe Flannel (for interlining coats!).
The knit was 50% off, and the wool and boucle were 60% off.
Then I used a 25% off coupon on top of the sale prices, and the flannel was a $1.79/yd doorbuster.
Super great prices for these fabrics!
More JoAnn Black Friday buys –
buttons and heavy duty thread for topstitching on my black wool.
Michael Levine Black Friday fabrics – left: taupe faux leather,
middle: teal/black poly metallic jacquard, right: navy wool/silk/metallic jacquard.
I LOVE all of these!  The faux leather is especially nice.

I am super excited by the ITY knits, the black wool blend from JoAnn Fabrics (it is so soft!), and all of the Michael Levine purchases.  I have a lot of projects building up in the queue, but some of these fabrics are so fabulous they might end up jumping the line a bit.  Makes me want to be sewing!

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