December Sewing Plans

I got really distracted in November, so I don’t want to add a lot to my sewing plans list.  Really, I probably shouldn’t be adding anything at all.  But recent fabric purchases (oops) and sewing successes may have swayed my sewing interest for the moment.  Most of my unfinished November projects are fairly simple though (except for a certain coat), so I am looking to add a few more detailed and time consuming projects in December list.  In fact, I think December will be the month of the trench coat.  Here are my new additional sewing plans:

(1) Another Winter Appropriate Knit Dress

Knipmode Special 2013 – Dress #103 (on left)

I was super excited by my recent Burda Cowl Sheath Dress (BS-11-2013-112) and realized I would really like to have another winter appropriate knit dress that can be used for layering with tights and jackets.  Recent fabric splurges (well, is $3 ITY really a splurge?) left me inspired to sew a knit wrap dress, and right now I am leaning towards this pattern from Knipmode.  I want something with close fitting sleeves (to be easily worn under jackets) and a wrap-style top.  I think this may fit the bill, though my final pattern selection may change by the time I get around to making it.  I haven’t ever sewn from Knipmode before (I know, I know, shame on me!) and I think a knit pattern might be more forgiving while I am trying to decide on sizing.

(2) Black Wool Duffle Coat

Burda 7296

I found a fabulous black wool blend on sale during Black Friday at a local JoAnn Fabrics.  I have a lot of coats, but I tend towards more exciting colors and textures.  I think it would be nice to have a basic black coat in my closet, and this pattern seems to fit the bill.  This might not happen until January, but with any luck I might start the muslin process this month.

(3) Metallic Snake Print Trench Coat


I planned to sew this trench coat last year after I got the magazine, but school and life got in the way.  This is definitely going to be a wow piece; not something practical for every day use.  But I loved the design, and I am excited to try my hand with all the piping details.

(4) Tan Trench Coat


Ok, so this has also been in the works for quite some time.  I have been thinking I would use this pattern as the basis for some RTW knock off designs.  But I want to make sure the pattern is perfect before I use it on some of my favorite stash fabrics.  So I am going to muslin, then make a wearable test version, then decide if/how the pattern needs to be altered before I get to work on my more complex designs.  With luck this may become a TNT pattern for me.  At least, I hope so.  And, if I make this in tandem with the other trench coat I can decide which pattern I like better before going to town with my knockoff plans.

(5) Work on Unfinished November Sewing Plans

This means I really need to make myself some more skating practice dresses, in addition to finishing up all the projects I didn’t get to in November.  Which, looking at my previous post, is a lot of them.  At least the cocktail dress contest on Pattern Review might inspire me to finally get to work on my LBD!

One thought on “December Sewing Plans

  1. I seriously applaud you for taking on some great projects for December. I am just hoping to get some time in to actually sew. Things have been quite hectic. Can't wait to see what you create. 🙂


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