Happy Thanksgiving and a Burda Preview!

Firstly, for those of you celebrating – Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all have a great holiday surrounded by friends and family.

Secondly, for those of you not celebrating (or, well, even if you are), you can get excited about the early preview for the January 2014 Burda!

Or, well, ok, maybe excited might be too strong a word.  Some better options might be amused, confused, or bored.  January issues tend to be hit or miss for me, and next year’s first issue looks like it might be more of a miss, at least based on the photos of the early preview.  Now, I don’t want to ruin your holiday, but take a look at these:

What the…  How fugly is that?  A color blocked fur coat?
I suppose it is a good way to use all of your leftover fur scraps?
(Though part of me wonders if there is a good coat pattern under all that fur.)
Tying a piece of fabric around yourself with a ribbon
won’t actually do much to help you stay warm…
At least this coat/vest looks somewhat wearable compared to the others.

Ok, ok, so the issue doesn’t look to be all bad:

I am liking the look of this shirt –
nice to see something for a dressy non-knit.
This jacket!  Looks amazing!
I wish it wasn’t a white-on-white photo so I could actually see details…
I am sort of digging the top (even with the asymmetrical hem).
Might be hoping that the pants are a pattern option as well…
This turtleneck top would actually be quite useful in winter.
The skirt… might be more useful next summer.

You know the party dresses are bad when I am hoping that the pattern in each photo is the man’s blazer:

Her dress: meh.
Maybe I just need to see it in sequins and not poofy pink flowers.
His jacket: Sharp. 
Same man’s jacket?  Do I get this pattern?  Please?
Oh, wait, I was supposed to look at the dress.
It looks like she threw it together an hour before the party.
I feel like Burda has done similar styles in the past,
but the older versions were more flattering.

 The plus patterns might be promising:

Oooh, I like this coat!
This dress is nice too!
(Also, didn’t they use that print fabric last September?)
It was better as a jacket I think.

But that’s not all!  It is time once again for the Burda carnival costume segment!!!  Are we excited yet?

You can be a flower!  Or a tree!
(Random side note – is that where Burda thinks my boobs are?
No wonder I am forever adding to raise the necklines of things.)
Ok, this mermaid costume is actually sort of great.
Who else wants to make the sea-shell bustier just because?
Actually, I could see it being used as part of a rather unique wedding gown…
And you can make your children act as supporting cast.
Or possibly dress them up for a holiday nativity school concert.
We have a spider man!
We are definitely dressing them up for a holiday nativity school concert.
I mean, after all, eight is an awful lot of legs.
Wait – there was no chicken at the birth of Jesus!
Lobsters and octopi yes.  Chickens, no, not so much.

So – there is our first look at Burda’s coming year!  What do you all think?  Does the hard-to-see white jacket make up for the I’m-wearing-all-my-old-stuffed-animals coat?  Doesn’t the Plus section look better than a lot of the regular stuff?  What do you all think about the costumes this year – anyone else feeling like they want to get the shit kicked out of them by love?  Or does the preview just make you want to inject heroin into your eyeballs?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and a Burda Preview!

  1. I think this issue could have potential.

    If you took the fake fur coat and made it with wool coating fabrics, I think it has potential not to be the ugliest thing in all creation. I don't know, it's 4:52 am, I'm up thanks to the dogs.

    The white jacket just might be spectacular enough to save the whole issue. It certainly provides hope.

    So, no, no heroin in my eyeballs.


  2. I see you have the same thoughts as me about this issue.
    The good news is that there IS a man's jacket pattern, and a pattern for shirt too. Tha pants you like are pattern also. More of thiss issue, actually all of the patterns in this issue you can find here: p-an-da.blogspot.com/2013/11/burda-012014.html


  3. The yeti coat and costumes are quite terrifying!! There do look to be a few gems in there though. That “8 is a lot of legs David” is one of my favourite lines, must dig out the movie to watch again near Christmas.


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