Newsflash: Burda Classics 2013 Is Here!

I don’t know why, but I can never find a digital preview of the Burda Style Classics online.  I order the magazine anyway even though it requires a bit of faith that the patterns will turn out well.  (I know last year a lot of people were disappointed with the patterns, since many of them were either reprints from earlier magazines or envelope patterns, but I love classic traditional styles, and I was pretty happy with it, so I thought I would get it again this year.)  Anyway, I was fairly pleased with the patterns this year as well – yes, many of them are basic styles, but there are enough patterns I like that I think it was worth ordering.  Let’s take a look:

I really like this knit top – even if the sleeves make me think of Juliet.
The long skirt is elegant, but not necessarily practical.
The jacket is cute, and I love the cut of the skirt.
I think I prefer the jacket longer.
Love the pockets hidden in the diagonal seam line.
The top is cute, but I would make it in a less fluffy fabric.
And the pencil skirt is quite basic, but I do need a good basic pencil skirt.
I like that this pattern has a vent at the back, so it is definitely a contender.
I love this knee length circle skirt – very wearable!
I also like this jacket a lot.
Casual enough to wear everyday, but much nicer than a sweatshirt.
Boxy coats aren’t really my style, but I love the deep color they used.
I never really thought about houndstooth pants, but I really like these.
And that jacket is awesome too! (Though it is hard to see under all that fur.)
A slightly better look at the jacket?
I like the line drawing anyway.
Another view of the jacket and pants I really liked from above.
The top as a knit dress.  Looks so cozy for fall!
This dress is very simple, but I sort of like the style anyway.
Definitely needs accessories though.
This column dress is super basic.
But good job on the Audrey Hepburn styling.
Anybody else feeling like they could have danced all night?
The shorter version is much more versatile.
Don’t know that it would look good on me due to lack of shaping though.
Another basic sheath dress.
This has a little shaping around the bust.
The nice thing about basic patterns –
they are a great way to showcase fantastic fabrics.

Overall I am happy I got this magazine – I like a lot of the skirts and pants, and most of the jackets too.  I might even consider making a few of the tops.  Nothing that jumps out and demands to be made right away, but there are a lot of patterns that could be good additions to the wardrobe, so I think this is definitely worthy addition to my stash.  So, what do you all think?  A great collection of wardrobe staples?  Or more boring fall fashions?  Did anyone else order this magazine?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

EDIT:  Ooops!  Forgot to mention that you can still order your own copy from GLP News here.  They offer Burda Classics in English and French, as well as full or partial subscriptions to Burda Style, Burda Plus, Burda Easy, or Burda Knitting (all in several languages).  As there is only one Burda Classics released per year, the cost is $10 to order the single magazine.  Sadly, it is $30 for Air Mail to non-US countries, but I expect to see this popping up on Ebay soon as an alternative method of acquisition.

6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Burda Classics 2013 Is Here!

  1. I pick up my magazine from a local newsagent, they reserve all things Burda for me so I feel I ought to purchase them! Just got this yesterday, like you say there is nothing terribly exciting, but I think there are lots of useful basics in there, can't go too wrong with classics.


  2. Yea. The postage was the reason I didn't buy this one. Although after seeing the selection I'm pretty happy I didn't-I've got all the interesting ones already. Plus the fact they haven't graded down to 34 for all the patterns is just plain lazy… o0


  3. I ordered this magazine and I am very happy that I did. For the first time in a very long time I have Burdastyle patterns that I really like. Yes, they are basic styles, but that gives us a chance to improvise and add all sorts of design elements.


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