Newsflash: New McCall’s Patterns Announced

The latest collection of McCall’s patterns can be seen here.  Mostly a bunch of party dresses, with a few basic pants and skirts, and a lot of baggy tops.  I don’t think this is quite as stylish as the Burda preview we saw yesterday (I was feeling a bit grumpy when I wrote it, so I think my sentiment was a bit more dour than I intended… though after the past few months I still don’t want to get too excited until I see the full preview).  Anyway, as far as McCall’s goes, I think most of this collection will be a pass for me, but there are at least a few patterns that I think might make it on to my wish list.  Let’s take a look:

M6844 – I LOVE this peplum cardigan.
There are non-peplum styles included in this pattern that are also quite cute.
Might be a good way to get in on the peplum trend
without investing the time needed to sew a dress or jacket.
M6845 – Another sweater cardigan pattern.
I could see this being a cute piece in a more casual work wardrobe.
(In a different fabric, obviously).
M6841 – A Palmer/Pletsch pattern.
I love the super drapey line drawings, but the model photos aren’t as enticing.
Still cute, but I think Might stick with patterns I already have.
M6839 – The back is really the only interesting feature on this basic top.
I wasn’t a fan of the other patterns in the envelope, so I don’t know if I will get it.
M6838 – A Create It! pattern.
Feel like I have seen this fancy party dress with a high-low hem before.
M6838 – I do love the alternate view of this pattern though!
Makes me think of vintage Barbie gowns.
It might also be a good base for a wedding dress pattern
for those of you who need to consider such things.
M6837 – A Fashion Star pattern.
Is ok.  I suppose the awkward leg slit pose is a big red carpet trend.
Or something.
M6833 – Basic dress.  The skirt is a bit too poofy for me.
And I feel like I already have bodice patterns that are similar.
M6836 – Another Fashion Star dress.
Again, seems a bit poofy for my taste, though that might
have something to do with their fabric selection.
M6834 – Melissa Watson for Palmer/Pletsch pattern.
Actually I think the seaming on the bodice is quite pretty.

Most of the other clothing patterns were either too basic, boring, or sack like to be worth a mention.  There were, however, a few craft patterns I just had to point out here:

M6852 – Ok, the collar think is a bit crazy.
But the hat is cute!  Or, well, it could be cute.
If, you know, you didn’t make it out of craft felt.
And if it looked like a legitimate hat.
But there is potential there.
M6851 – Another decent hat.
Again, I think choice of materials would be essential for this to not look totally crafty.
M6863 – A quilt pattern.
But look – OMG Shoes!
(Let’s get some shoes! – Only click on that link if you are in a non-work and
non-child infested environment.  Also, yes, I went to college during an odd time.)
M6828 – What the fox say?!?!
(Warning – Only click on that link if you can safely start crazy dancing to a really weird song.)
M6855 – A Linda Carr pattern for doll clothes.
M6854 – Winter clothes for dolls.
M6853 – Party dresses (and sofas) for dolls.

So, yeah.  Most of the release is a pass, but there are a few patterns I am really liking (that cardigan, and the mermaid gown are going to be added to the stash for sure).  Also, my apologies for linking to a bunch of crazy YouTube videos… My sister is a bad influence.  Anyway – what do you all think?  See anything you want to add to your fall wardrobe?  Or are there just too many fancy gowns here for you to see any use for these patterns in your normal life?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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