Newsflash: November Burda Early Preview Posted

The German Burda website has posted the early preview of the November issue.  I was hoping that we would be getting something that is a bit more interesting than the patterns from the previous few months.  I think the preview images look somewhat interesting in an editorial sort of way, but I don’t know that these patterns look good in a “oooh I want to make and wear that” sort of way.

This jacket looks cool (love the contrast sleeves),
but the collar is HUGE!  Might be good with a little editing.
I don’t know if the giant flower helps this dress as all.
Shiny gold blazer is ok, but the oversized fit isn’t really my style.
Pants.  I sort of like the crazy print,
but I also know it wouldn’t be a good look for me.
I might be able to wear these in a solid though.
Another bathrobe-ish coat.  With puffy sleeves!
I know that the oversized coat is a big trend this year,
but I just am not in love with this style.
These pants are, again, something that looks interesting in the photo,
but there is no way I could seriously wear those in real life.
(And, yes, they look a lot like the dress from the last issue).
I want to like the shiny gold skirt, because, well, shiny!
But the pleats are in such an unflattering location.
I am not a fan of the fabric they used for the sleeves,
and the applique looks sort of tacky,
but I would love to see the line drawing for this dress.
Is this one top or two?  Another one where I am interested to see the line drawing.

So, umm, yeah.  Not really anything here that gets me overly excited.  I will reserve judgement until the full preview shows up, but it doesn’t look like we are getting the evening gowns in this issue.  Maybe I will just have to wait and keep my hopes for December.  What do you all think?  Is there anything here that you are excited about?  Or are we all ready to jump ahead and skip this month?

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: November Burda Early Preview Posted

  1. I wonder if the last one is a tank top and shrug? THat could be fun.

    Different strokes: My first thought on the first jacket was that I LOVE the dramatic huge collar but would not do the sleeves as a contrast. LOL


  2. OMG yes-massive collar-yesyes I love me a massive collar! I'd totally make that-it's a motorcycle style too-but toned down so I can use it on my scooter XD I love the pants. The draped ones. LOVE em'. They're like jodhpurs with something more. OMG I must have this issue! I remember seeing a patrones with pants like that yonks ago and not being able to find the issue. Yesyesyes. Thank you for this post. Draped skirt and weird jersey top look ok too. They're doing way too many cloned cowl necks nowadays..


  3. I absolutely love the jacket with large collar it is what makes it cool. Made be too large for my physique so would edit but if I could work it I would.Love the shiny gold skirt, I don't have much in the hip area so it will be just up my street. Ooo I can't wait to browse it.


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