Fabric Store Adventures: Yes, They Have Scissors

I was recently at a Joann Fabric store, picking up a few of the latest Burda patterns on sale.

I need more long sleeves shirts to wear during practice when it
starts to get cold in the mornings, and this one is perfect.
And when it comes to Burda I am weak.
Also: got it for $2.49.  How could anyone pass that up?
Also, also: Thanks for not posting the sales signs Joann’s Employees!
Makes it so much easier for me to get all the patterns I want.
Especially when you only stock one at a time *grumblemuttergrumble*

As I was at the checkout counter, a lady comes up behind me carrying a few bolts of fabric.  It was a pretty quiet day, so I figured she was going to ask for help at the cut counter when I was done, as there weren’t a lot of employees floating about.  Instead, what I hear is this:

LADY: Hi, ummm, do you have anything smaller than this?

EMPLOYEE: Smaller… You mean like a smaller print?  Or width?

LADY: No, I mean smaller, like less fabric.

EMPLOYEE: Less than what?  We cut it to whatever size you need…

LADY: WAIT!  You can cut it?!?!?!

I left the store at that point sort of giggling and shaking my head.  Yeah, I know we all have to do things for the first time sometimes, but somehow I figured that people just sort of knew that fabric was cut to order?  I mean, maybe you don’t know that it is sold by the yard (or meter depending on local), or that you can buy fractions of yards, but really?  You didn’t know they could cut it?  I think it was the way she said it too – almost as though the idea of taking scissors to a fabric had never crossed her mind.  Anyway, I try not to be snobby towards the sewing newbies (yes, we were all there once, and yes, it is a steep learning curve), but this exchange was just too amusing not to share.

3 thoughts on “Fabric Store Adventures: Yes, They Have Scissors

  1. As someone who works at a fabric store, this anecdote made me laugh.

    Sometimes newbies are cute and funny and sometimes they are the worst. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked the following:
    -“How much fabric do I need for a dress?”
    -“How much fabric do I need to make my son a vest for a school project? He's seven.”
    -“How much do I need to reupholster a couch?”


  2. OMG they have burdas on sale? WAaaat? Burda envelopes never go on sale here! And when they do it's like $8 each-which makes it cheaper to buy the mag (17.95 at the time of writing) =( Also-heheh Beginner or not it's funny.


  3. I used to work in the furnishing fabrics department of a British department store. Once a gentleman came to the made-to-measure desk to order some curtains. My colleague asked him for the required measurements, and he put a shoe on the desk: “It's 12 shoes across and 7 down.”


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