Newsflash: Fall McCall’s Announced

First, let me say I am quite sorry I have been very lacking in posts lately.  Regionals came up quickly, and blogging was one of the things to get lost from my schedule (along with sleeping and eating as it happens).  But I did manage to get twelve costumes (mostly) finished in time for the regional championships.  I still have another four or five to sew before nationals, not to mention additions and alterations to the costumes I already made.  So expect the posting to continue to be rather light for the next month or so.  I was keeping up with my blog reading (despite lack of comment posting) but now I am completely behind.  Ah, well.  We do what we can with the time we have…

Anyway, while I was away it seems McCall’s has released their fall pattern collection.  There look to be a lot of patterns for children, dolls, and Halloween.  Of the remaining patterns I have to say: meh.  Looks like the same trends that have been happening for the past year – peplums, color blocking, maxi dresses, high-low hems, baggy tops.  Nothing much I haven’t seen before.  Though I suppose we should take a look anyway:

M6788: A Fashion Star dress.  To be fair I actually rather like this,
though I would probably achieve the look with a top/skirt combo myself.
M6789: Another Fashion Star dress.  Color blocking and peplums.
M6790: Fashion Star chiffon maxi dress.  Meh.
M6798: Fashion Star color blocked top.  A bit boxy for my personal style.
M6791: A Melissa Watson Generation Next for Palmer/Pletsch pattern.
The dress is not terrible, but could they have made a more boring fabric choice?
M6801: A Plenty by Tracy Reese pattern.  I actually think this is cute but it looks
low, short, and super tight, even on the model, so I am thinking I might pass.
Did I mention super tight?
M6792: Palmer/Pletsch pattern.
Baggy color blocked sweater is ok, but not terribly exciting.
M6797: Palmer/Pletsch shirt.
I thought it was rather unremarkable until I saw the line drawing…
How does this fit so nicely over the hips of the model?  My brain cannot process.
M6795: I don’t know if this peplum top is fitted enough to be flattering?
I think I have seen better in the past.
M6796: I do like the collar on the sweater top though.
And it comes with a turtleneck option!
M6799: I also like this skirt, though I would go with a shorter length.
M6800: My favorite!  Love the drape of this coat.
Also looks like this pattern has a detachable hood option.
Not looking forward to paying for the almost 10 yards of fabric needed to sew and line it though.

Since I like to collect costume patterns I thought I would post those as well:

M6817: McCall’s version of the Disney/Pixar Brave costume.
(Also, doesn’t that kid look like the wig is eating her head?)
M6818: Costume Capes.  For what I can only assume is some sort of evil queen or wicked witch?
M6819: Costume cape for a not-so-evil queen.
M6815: How cute is this?
M6804: These doll clothes aren’t too bad either.

And, finally, for your enjoyment, something so crazy I almost thought I was looking at a Burda website – McCall’s 6809: Boot wraps.  Which is the craziest combination?

The psychedelic wookiee?  
The sherpa yeti?
The grandma sweater lemming?
Or the repurposed blankets?
(BTW, do you see the pouch?  Someone tell me, why???)

So, ummm, yeah.  Overall I am not super impressed.  There are a few patterns I do really like (that coat!), and I will probably add the costume patterns to my stash (it is my thing, don’t ask me why), but all in all I think I can pass on most of these patterns.  Though I suppose having at least a few patterns I like is better than the previous release where I didn’t really care for any of them, so, well, there is that.  I just usually like more of the fall looks I guess, so I am a bit disappointed.  Did you have any favorites?  Or find anything particularly bad?  Which leg-warmer combo is the worst?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Newsflash: Fall McCall’s Announced

  1. Fav pattern from this lot would be 5796 – I do think it is not only doable, but wearable as well! As for the rest…pass this time round.
    And worse legwarmer combo prize would have to go to the first one – it would feel as if one leg was in a tube, and the other one was loosing it's grip and had to be tied on – does anyone actually wear these OS???


  2. I think the trick to the well-fitting hips for 6797 is that the hip opening is actually the funny vertical bit under the long-sleeve/sleeveless armhole — the entire “bottom edge” as seen on the line drawing is actually a seam between the baggy sleeve opening and the very-off-grain bottom opening. Quite a cool trick!


  3. I love these capes! I wish I had more occasions for sewing costumes.
    M6790: Fashion Star chiffon maxi dress is something I'd like to have, although I know that I would have to walk everywhere with fan to make it look as on the picture πŸ™‚


  4. I was wondering where you were! I did a mini post on those lovely boot wraps. WTF is all that really needs to be said.

    Take care and unchain yourself from the sewing machine every now and then. 😎


  5. Love the coat. And I also will be scooping up the Tracey Reese dress and P/P asymmetrical top at the next sale. I'm on the fence about the first Fashion Star dress for exactly the reasons you say – I actually wear this look a lot, but achieve it with separates.


  6. Ah, yes, I see it now. When I first looked I thought the long side was the bottom, and it didn't make sense. But after looking at it I have to agree with your assessment – bottom edge is actually horizontal in the line drawing.


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