Newsflash – July Burda Preview Posted

The full preview of the July Burda has been posted to the Russian Burda website.  As I feared/predicted/have come to expect, since the June Burda was soooo good, the July issue is, well, just not.  I mean, there are some good pieces, but nothing that I would consider truly spectacular.  And the crazy…. oh yes the Burda crazy is out full force this issue.  Though to be fair it isn’t exactly the patterns that are nuts, but the context in which Burda expects you to wear them.  On the Plus side, there are a few simple, practical, and wearable patterns in the Burda Plus section.  Though there is a bit of crazy in there too.  So, let’s jump to it shall we?

First the good stuff:

Hot!  I love the back of this dress, though I would change the skirt front if possible.
My only concern is supporting the boobage.
Maybe a good place to use my skating costume skills to sew in a bra…
A variation on the above dress, but with more practical support system.
Line drawing is uninspiring, but the model/garment photos
may have won me over on this one.
Another sexy back!
Again, maybe not practical but the back looks great.
If I ever need a swimsuit cover up…
Basically a square that wraps around your body.  Hmm.
Well, if I ever have to go to a Toga Party I guess Burda’s got me covered.  Heh.
Pretty!  This shirt is probably my favorite thing in this issue.
Though the model’s terrible posture pretty much ruins the effect of the shirt.
Also looks like it has the classic low Burda cut.  Perfect for wearing a cami under though.
At first this shirt was sort of meh, but it has been growing on me.
It would be a great layering piece for summer.  And super classy in a lovely silk.
I don’t have a lot of shirts that I think look good tucked in,
but this would be a perfect candidate for that.  It’s going on my list.
As for the skirt that I loved on the model photo…
The line drawing gives me a bit of a pause,
because I am not sold on the ties, but I might still try it.
Basic pants in a crazy print.  I can live with that.
This tank is pretty boring, but perfect for use with
sequin material, so it goes on my yay list.
Shorts are practical for summer.  And these are some short shorts.
I know, I know – who needs another cowl neck?
I do!  I have plans for those straps.  Oh yes, indeed I do.
Cardigan is not exciting, but not terrible.
The top of this dress is suitably interesting, but, again,
maybe we will be having support problems.
Jacket is a bit more boxy of a cut than I typically go for, but it is alright.
Line drawing because the black is a bit hard to see…
And our vintage pattern for the month… a basic t-shirt.   Eh.  
iPad cases!  Can you say easy gift sewing?

There were also a few useful patterns in the lingerie category this month as well:

I still need to make a slip.  I think there are others I like better,
but the color and the lace here are pretty, so, well, inspiration at least.
Half slip.  I feel like these are hard to buy anymore, but could be rather useful.
The shorts… are a bit crazy, but the top is sort of cute.
With modifications I could see it being a fun sports bra.

The other goodies in this issue were all in the Burda Plus section:

This top is super cute!  I might be making one in the future…
Also love this dress, though I would probably adjust the hem length.
Super classy!
Basic, but practical.
Actually I really like this skirt.  Might make one for me.
(And, no, Burda was not so crazy as to pair the hot pink lace top
with the hot pink lace skirt.  Thank goodness.)

Ok, so that was the good.  Now for the not so good.  It seemed to me that Burda has been somewhat restrained in the cray-cray department the past few months (yay more goodies for us), but this time there is just so much I am left shaking my head over.  Some of them because the patterns are just wrong.  Others simply because of the context of the model photos.  Fair warning: there is some seriously ugly.  Can you handle it?  Are you ready?

Fur at the beach?  Burda, what are you thinking?
Though I don’t think a fully sequined cardigan is much more practical.
Then again it looks a bit better in a different environment.
Then again again, it sort of looks like a bathrobe on its own.
I didn’t know it was possible to make a “classic” work shirt look this sloppy.
Even the Burda Plus section couldn’t be left alone…
Is it me, or does this top look like there are mistakes?
But no!  Is designed that way.
Stretch lace seems to hide the oddity a bit better…
Why would you steal your poor granny’s clothes
to wear as beach cover ups?  That is just mean.
You took her nightgown too?!
Thoughts that come to mind:
“Bad skating costume” and “Pinwheel of Death.”
Ok, this looks like a waitress costume, right?  Right?
Only, like, from a diner set in a really low budget sci-fi movie.

Oh yes, it seems like Burda has been stocking up on the crazy and unleashed it all in one go.  Overall impressions: meh.  There are a lot of tops I like, but nothing really spectacular for me in this issue.  Most of the dresses are a bit impractical, even if they look great on the beach-ready Burda models.  And then there are a whole lot of head scratchers on top of it all.  Despite this I will still (reluctantly) choose a Best of BS for the month of July:

Purple Burda Plus dress!

I think it is elegant and classy, which in this issue was enough to push it to the top for me.  Though I had a hard time deciding.  The “stand out” dresses were just a bit too impractical to hit the top spot for me, and the shirts are useful, but not terribly exciting.

Which means we now need to pick the worst pattern this month.  This was similarly difficult, but for the opposite reasons.  So. Much. Ugly!  But, well, in the end I had to give the BWTF Award for July to:

The Space Waitress!

Ok, in an absolute sense, some of the other patterns might have been uglier.  But they could also concievably be used for nightgowns, or swimsuit cover ups, or other things that don’t require you to leave your home.  There is no way this could be meant for anything other than a dress.  That one would wear outside.  In public.  So, um, yes.  It loses.

And that’s what I got.  You guys see anything you particularly like?  What are your thoughts on the sexy beach dresses?  Would you be able to wear them as a dress (and not just as a swimsit cover up?  Or does bouncing boobage give you pause?  Feel free to debate, discuss, and pattern bash in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Newsflash – July Burda Preview Posted

  1. ROFL at “Pinwheel of Death”. I think I would have gone with the one-boobed shirt as the worst and the gorgeous blouse as best, but it's a close race!

    FOr some reason, Burda seems to think that most women go braless in the summer. Bizarro. But I'm kindo of digging the coverups. The second is definitely a Victoria's Secret knock off.


  2. I don't know what it is about Summer Burda patterns. They are at least entertaining, made more so by your commentary. I quite like the wrap skirt but agree about the ties; I think I'd go for a strap and buckle.

    I don't know if I'll buy this one, could be handy in a few years for fancy dress ideas…


  3. Giggled at the Pinwheel of Death, as well as the Granny stolen outfits – just can't see me at the beach with all that lacy stuff flapping in the breeze around me! Favourite would have to be …. hopefully in the next issue …


  4. I'm so bummed! Your review of last month's issue tipped the scale for me and I talked my son into buying me a 3 month trial subscription for Mother's Day. I'm really not excited for this to be my first issue 😦 Sure hope it gets better in the next two months…..


  5. About those rectangles with cuts in them that are wrapped. Those only look good in photos because they're strategically pinned. I remember dresses like that from the 60s. On real people they look like sacks.


  6. I like the summer dresses, but yes, support would be an issue, so no to those. The asymmetrical plus top is actually intriguing to me- but I would probably use the two sides of the pattern front to make two different symmetrical tops as suggested over on PR. I think the half with the gathers sewn into the dart is quite pretty.


  7. Well, I ordered a copy after seeing the full preview on the Russian Burda site. I like the look of the tepee although I don't really need a pattern for that. But I'm definitely going to have a go at that wrap skirt, and possibly the slip.


  8. I was scrolling through and thinking of a few comments on a couple of those upper items and then I saw the green top and my brain just went blank with confusion, wha? One boob gets a traditional dart and the other gets a gathered bit that looks positioned too far out to help with fit. It's just bizarre!


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