Birthday Fabric Stashing

I have been trying to be good and not buy too much fabric.  Then my birthday happened and I got coupons… Which I mostly was able to ignore until about 5 hours before they expired.  Which is when some really fantastic looking fabrics showed up in the “new arrivals” or “clearance” sections of my favorite fabric websites.  And I caved… I’m sure you know how it goes.  Anyway, here are my new birthday pretties:

From Fabric Mart:

Back: Navy cotton.  It actually has a striped look.
I think I want to line it and use it for a dress…
Front: Lavender silk charmeuse.  Too good a deal to pass up.
Left: Grey/black cotton velveteen houndstooth print.  Most likely for a blazer style jacket.
Back right: Plaid silk taffeta.  I have plans to use this in a RTW knockoff project.
Bottom right: Cream stretch wool gaberdine.  Lovely!  I am going to make some white trousers.

And from

Left: Poly/cotton rainbow suiting fabric.  I have plans for a pencil skirt.
Right: Rayon challis print.  I am planning to use it for a summer dress.
ITY knit prints.  I am planning to use these for lightweight knit dresses.
Metallic cotton shirt-weight fabrics.
The photo does not do them justice.
Now I really need to get a TNT button-down shirt pattern sorted out.

Now if only I had time to sew for me…  At least these will be waiting in the stash when I have time to get to them around mid-summer!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Fabric Stashing

  1. I tend to buy a lot of fabric online because the quality is better than what I can get at local stores. My favorites are, Fabric Mart, Fashion Fabrics Club, Mood, and Spandex World. The links for all of these sites are on the left side of my blog under the “Sew” heading.


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