Newsflash – Summer New Looks Announced

Simplicity has posted the summer New Look patterns to their website.  I have to say, the clothes are certainly geared towards summer, but I don’t find them particularly inspiring.  There are more than a few generic t-shirt patterns, coupled together with some nondescript pants and skirts.  The dresses are probably the best thing in the release, and even them I am not that impressed.  I suppose we should have a look either way:

NL 6206 – A Project Runway Workroom pattern.
Although I was obsessing over the maxi dress in the May Burda,
this one leaves me less impressed.  Maybe it is the cleavage window?
NL 6207 – Another Project Runway Workroom pattern.
My general feeling on this… meh.  The neckline is cute, but the dress looks like a tent.
NL 6211 – A Suede Says Studio pattern.
Not really a fan of the cut outs on the side of the dress.
The placement seems… off.
NL 6208 – Probably my favorite of the new patterns.
The front of the dress looks rather generic, but the back is actually pretty cute!
Not exactly practical to wear with a bra, but cute.
NL 6209 – More cleavage windows!
Though the black/white and solid red versions aren’t bad.
NL 6213 – I am not a fan of the line drawings, but the model photo isn’t too bad.
I suppose this is a pattern with potential?
NL 6214 – Nothing exciting or different, but these tops do seem very summery,
and there are a lot of options in the same envelope.

So, all in all, meh.  Nothing super exciting that needs to join my stash.  Anything catch your eye?  Are you ready to start sewing for summer?  Or are you still trying to sew for spring?  (Or winter, as the case may be…)  Feel free to discuss in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Newsflash – Summer New Looks Announced

  1. Yawn. Very uninspiring. NL6211 makes me think of stripper clothes. I really can't see why, except maybe the (ahem) accessibility the girly parts 8-). There is a boring, but practical t-shirt and pants pattern that I may need to acquire. OTOH it isn't like I don't have a ton of patterns already that are similar.


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