Newsflash: New Simplicity Patterns Announced!

First of all, let me proclaim: Happy Pi Day!  Mathematicians following the US convention of writing dates shall rejoice.

Secondly, along with releasing even more vintage posters, Simplicity has announced their latest pattern releases.  This release is full of plenty of wearable spring dresses.  But I can’t say there is any one pattern the jumps out and grabs me as being really fantastic.  Most of the designs are fine, but boring.  That seems to be the theme of pattern releases for the week, I guess.  Let’s take a look:

S1606 – A perfectly lovely dress.  Nothing exciting or innovative,
but a nice classic style.  Pretty, but not exciting.
S1607 – The latest Cynthia Rowley.  Again, fine, but nothing new.  
Though my perspective might be skewed because I have seen one too many
skating dresses with tops like that in my time…
S1610 – The latest Project Runway pattern.
Again, nothing new with the style, but hey – it has pockets!
S1612 – More cleavage cut out dresses…
S1613 – Knit tops.  Usually I can’t say no to more knit top patterns,
but I think I am going to say no to this one.  Too similar to things I already have.
S1609 – A retro release from the 1960s.  It is retro, but it is boring.
Especially after I just saw all of the gorgeous costuming from a re-watch of the TV show Pan Am.
S1611 – Ok, I get that it is supposed to be a simple dress,
but does anyone else think it looks like lingerie?
S1614 – So BORING!  A strap does NOT qualify as “back interest.”
S1621 – The jacket looks cute in the drawing, but sort of sloppy in execution.
S1617 – My hips are not a fan of those supper baggy pockets.
S1630 – This pattern could actually be quite useful,
especially for the technologically savvy seamstress on the go.
S1631 – I had to post this for the LOLs.

And, ummm, yeah.  That’s about it.  Snoozefest, no?  I mean, the dresses are perfectly fine.  But not exciting.  And everything else… well…  Yeah, umm, no.  As always, you should feel free to disagree with me in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Simplicity Patterns Announced!

  1. I agree there doesn't seem to be much of interest with this collection. ( Though I've only been able to see what you've posted as the Simplicity site is not cooperating with me for some reason, lol.) I do like the new knit top pattern, but I really only care for the sleeveless version. I do really like the vintage pattern but it is nothing more than a sheath dress. Simplicity patterns had some great vintage designs but they seem to make odd choices for their vintage re-releases, in my opinion. Thanks for posting these!


  2. I totally love what Cynthia Rowley's patterns do for cutouts on tops and dresses. That example is fabulous! I always find Simplicity patterns to be really… simple? Maybe it's their low-key styling that give me that impression. Still – they always have a half decent skeleton for turning it into something a little more special.


  3. The nice thing about Simplicity releasing uninspiring patterns is I will not have to buy any- I tend to be a “patternholic” and have more uncut ones than I do cut ones! I actually may pick up the Cynthia Rowley tho just because I think one of my girls would like it. ~Laurie


  4. Yeah, I have to admit that I was a little relieved that my pattern stash wouldn't be growing any more than the usual Burda installment this month. I love having a patterns stash (it is so wonderful when you get a last minute invite to an event and need to whip something up), but I have so many things I want to make I really don't need much more adding to my stash right now. And I totally understand buying patterns to make things for other people – I often buy patterns I wouldn't wear but will look great on my sister!


  5. YAWN!!! That said, the “back interest” pattern actually has one view (D) that does have an interesting back… why didn't they show that one?

    Also, men and boys do not need that many pj's!! Why can't they give us some interesting and well drafted men's patterns for clothing to be worn outside!?!?!?


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