Newsflash: April Burda Preview Announced!

Before we get to the Burda-ness of this post, let me point out that the latest Kwik Sew patterns have also been announced, but other than a pattern for yoga pants they are all pretty much not inspiring, so I won’t even bother to given them their own post. RIP Kwik Sew, I loved you dearly.

So, on to the main deal.  The full preview of the April Burda magazine has been announced on the Russian website.  And, well, I am not super impressed.  I mean, there are some nice spring clothes, but nothing I am super excited about.  I guess we should take a look anyway…
Maybe I will start with the good?  There were a few cute dresses for spring:
This lace dress has an interesting curved seam running through the front.
The seam details are much easier to see in the line drawing.
This halter dress could be quite  practical for summer.
Not totally a fan of the ruffles, but the general style is pretty cute.
Not really a fan of the maxi dress, but I could see cutting this shorter…
I like the neckline on this sheath dress, but the bow could be left off.
Much easier to see the seam lines without the print…
Basic sack dress, but with the belt it looks pretty good.
I like the neckline details as well.  Though I think Burda does one of these every spring.
I think this shirt is super cute!  Love the gathering at the buttons.
Just a circle skirt, but I really like it anyway.
There were a few patterns that I don’t necessarily like, but I guess they are worth mentioning anyway:
The jacket has nice lines, but I am not really digging the oversized fit.
I suppose the idea of lace shorts is ok?  But if you can’t see the lace detail
these sort of look like they have been through a ship wreak.
This top has a solid front and lace back, which seems to be quite a trend at the moment,
but I don’t know if I like the lack of shaping on the shirt.
I like the gathering on this top, but I don’t know if the shape would be flattering on me. 
The Burda Plus section was mostly full of spring dresses.  Nothing super innovative, but some pretty wearable patterns:
The pockets are a bit baggy, but the rest of this cardigan looks pretty cozy.
This tunic top is quite pretty.
A simple slip-like dress with a pretty covering.
Another easy spring dress.
This magazine also has a bonus section – men’s patterns!  Unfortunately it sort of looks more like period pieces that belong in a production of Newsies, but on the other hand I won’t reject men’s jacket or vest patterns either.
And that’s kind of it on the good end.  Pretty much everything else is decent basics (basic skirts and pants) or sack dresses.  Seriously, check out all of these sack dresses:
In seam pocket sack.
Sack dress that looks like it was made from the sail of the
same ship wreak that affected those shorts.
Triangle boucle dress of boring grey-ness.
Swiss cheese sack dress – with ruffles!
And that’s about it!  Pretty boring, no?  I mean, unless I am missing something…  Which makes it pretty difficult to pick a best of the bunch, but here it goes anyway.  For the Best of BS April 2013 I chose:
White lace dress!
Maybe this won’t be the most flattering style for everyone, but at least the dress isn’t boring.  Which is more than I can say for most of the other pattern options this month.
As far as worst pattern this month, well, there are just so many drab sack dresses it was difficult to pick just one.  It was essentially a tie.  But in the end I gave BWTF award for April to:
Made of muslin sack dress!
Honestly, this dress sort of looks like it was inspired by a bathrobe.  I am not a fan.  On the other hand I think this photo sort of proves that classy shoes are a significant portion of looking good.
And that’s that.  Like I said – sort of a boring issue.  I am going to hit the snooze button until May.  Which is fine because I have enough patterns from the March issue traced and ready to get cut out anyway.  But, still, sort of seams like a waste of an issue.  What do you all think?  Am I missing something great?  Anything you want to sew up?  Or are you going to focus your sewing time on other things?  What is your opinion of the men’s section?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: April Burda Preview Announced!

  1. I kind of agree with you. Nothing really grabs me. But, there is so much in the last three issues that I would like to sew that it doesn't really matter. I never have enough time to sew everything that I would like to anyway!


  2. I'm actually looking forward to making quite a few things from this issue. But, you're right, the March issue was just SO GOOD! I've already made the cardi, and I'm working on the fitted ankle pants from it. I'm still planning on the midi-skirt, lace top, and a few of the pretty dresses. I've got a busy spring ahead – ha! =D


  3. Interesting. I love that sheath dress (or at least, the line drawing of it) and I kinda like the idea of those lace shorts – in clashing colours! Mind you, it looks good in my head, but I'm not so sure about the physical translation…


  4. I agree! It wasn't the most exciting issue either for the good or the bad. I may shorten the halter dress to a top at some point. That could be cute and dressy if done up in a great fabric.


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