Newsflash: New Butterick Patterns Announced

Butterick has released their winter collection of patterns – you can look at it here.  Overall it seems like this collection has a Retro-inspired feel, but there were a few patterns that seem to be following the modern trends.  When I looked at the thumbnails I wasn’t too inspired at first, but a closer inspection of some of the photos and line drawings have won me over.  Dang it Butterick!  I don’t have time to sew patterns I already own – don’t tempt me with more!  Let’s take a look…

“Retro Inspired” looks:

B5846 – I actually like this shirtdress, but I have a lot of shirtdress patterns,
and not a lot of desire to actually sew a shirtdress.
B5850 – This would be a cute party dress, especially for the holidays.
I think the bow might be a bit voluminous for me though.
B5851 – A nice sheath dress.
B5858 – I actually like this top and skirt (there are also pants, but they are a bit boring),
but I don’t know if I would ever actually wear them.
B5859 – A fun wardrobe pattern.
B5859 – I actually like the top and skirt, but, again, I don’t know if I would ever really wear them.

There were also a lot of looks that were following more modern trends:

B5847 – The exposed zipper is used in a sort of interesting way here,
but I am not really a fan of the overall shaping on this dress.
B5852 – Super Sexy Color Blocking!
I actually really love this design, just maybe not in those specific fabrics.
B5849 – This dress reminds me of the design from the 2011 September Burda magazine –
except the collar is much more wearable here!  This one is also going on my list of must-buys.
B5857 – Another knit top.  Similar to other patterns I already have,
and yet, who can resist a knit top pattern?
B5862 – I love the draping on this knit dress.
B5836 – I like this simple dress, but I already have a few Burda patterns that are similar,
so I don’t really feel a need to acquire this pattern.

There were also a few fun craft patterns that actually weren’t too bad:

B5864 – Retro doll’s clothes that are actually really cute!
B5865 – More Retro doll’s clothes.
B5841 – iPad/iPad mini protective cases.  Perhaps a great thing to sew as holiday gifts?

Also, since it seems like there are quite a few soon-to-be-mamas out there in the sewing blog-o-sphere, I thought I would give a mention to the two maternity patterns:

B5855 – This is actually a loose-fitting tunic, but I think it works better when they style it for maternity.
I do like the sleeves quite a bit, and there is some variety with this pattern.
B5860 – This is actually a really cute maternity dress!  This pattern also has some
maternity pants, so it could be quite useful for the future moms out there.

Though I did find quite a few patterns I really liked, there are still a few patterns that are worthy of a little ridicule:

B5848 – Cocoon sack dress.  I think the mullet hem really just makes it look like a nightgown.
B5856 – Maybe it is just the fabric, but, honestly, the top just looks really sloppy.
B5854 – This must have been really easy to sew,
since it was clearly fashioned out of curtains that had a dust ruffle at the bottom.
B5853 – I just can’t get passed that bow!  It is literally growing out of her bust!  I mean, I am not a bow person anyway, but this is horrible.  Worse than any butt-bow ever worn on any terrible bridesmaid dress ever.  Trying to keep it classy here, but it is taking a lot of restraint to avoid jokes about how cold it might get at those holiday parties and thoughts that her pasties need tassels.  Ummm, yeah.  So much for classy.  And, yes, yes, if you left it off the dress would be fine whatever, but now that I have seen the bow I can’t un-see the bow.  Horrendous.

So, now that I have collectively blinded everyone’s mind’s eyes with that last image… I ask, what do you all think?  For me, overall it is a pretty good collection, but not without some (hilariously bad) missteps.  What do you all think about the retro-inspired looks?  Or are you a fan of the more modern trends?  Is there anything you are dying to make from this collection, or are you board because you have seen it all before?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Butterick Patterns Announced

  1. One of my favourites is actually B5856, but I have to imagine it without the shiny-ness of the contrast. Then, I could see myself wearing it.

    That last dress though… I have no words! Eek!


  2. 5859 was my favourite out of this lot – I just love that top, I know it's nothing super special but I could see it being a good staple for me. The included skirt is nice too.

    I cracked up when I saw 5853 – I was thinking, “OMG there is a bow exploding from her boobs!” how did no one spot that? It has to be in the most unflattering location!


  3. I agree there are some good pattern in this collection. As much as I love bows, I wouldn't even wear that last dress! For some reason though I thought Gertie was supposed to release patterns with each collection from Butterick, which I had been looking forward to.


  4. oooh… some nice patterns here. I'm loving the colour block dress B5852, that maternity wrap dress B5860 and the burda knock-off collar dress B5849. I don't usually like this many butterick patterns!!


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